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  1. There's another "youtuber" goes by James Cleveland, he has a Tundra I believe, and he takes it a lot places I didn't think would make it. He drove it up to Barker Ranch which is pretty rough trail. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVL1Wk9AubQ997Yh3QUM3Q
  2. You know, I started watching all these exploring channels around NV, I think around 2014 and I began exploring myself. Then I started going up to Rachel & Area 51 and I really wanted to visit the Tempiute Mine. I did some research on the mine and actually found out that the old Tempiute Mine started in the early 1900's and its located on the south west side of Tempiute Mtn and its just one small Addit. The large Mine that he was at, is actually called the Lincoln Mine from the Lincoln Mining District it started in the early 40's. They were mining Tungsten and other minerals. I mention this because, when did the video with the History Channel I thought what a Douche Bag, lost all respect. I don't feel sorry for him not one bit. Have you thought about the undertaking to dig a tunnel from there to area 51? its 26 miles as the crow flies and 2 mountains to tunnel thru and elevations differences of about 3k feet. It was so stupid I couldn't even laugh about it because I was dumb founded. And now he's saying he's trying to help Rachel, Goldfield and Tonopah....Really!! WTF can he do? nothing.
  3. Hi A51R, sorry for the late response. we drove it from North to South, umm i would say not to attempt it alone just to error on the side of safety. When we went through it my dumba$$ drove straight previous ruts where everyone else did and i thought i was going to get stuck. I just threw down the hammer and powered thru it. one time I hit high center and a big ole dust cloud came over the hood like hitting a water puddle. At that point I steered out of the old ruts up onto higher ground and it was actually better, more solid. My friend Dan, he drove on the right side of the old path and told me it was no problem. But I would say if you try it, use your quad to explore it first. your less likely to get stuck.
  4. OK, I have to chime in here now. A51R is absolutely correct in this video. I have driven all these trails talked about. I drive Mormon Well Rd annually for our off-road club and also drove Gass Peak rd. The longest trail I have ever driven was Alamo Road. We drove from Tikaboo Pk base camp all the way back to I-95 via Alamo rd, we also stopped along the way exploring different off shoot roads as well. Let me tell you crossing the Dry Lake Bed is no joke. Once you start crossing there is no stopping for any reason, you have to keep pushing thru until you reach solid ground. This entire day took us 13 hrs from the time we left home and returned. Again my point is, A51R is correct with his comments in the video, I know this from experience and just want to reinforce what he is saying. I have included a picture of our route.
  5. I have been following this on youtube and watched all the controversial videos and read thru comments when it was going on. It was like watching a daytime SOAP (no disrespect ). Couldn't believe some of the allegations. I remember a time when A51R tried to call a "Knock it off" or something to that effect and then AWC came out with a video and just kept antagonizing. After awhile i didn't see much more, so i didn't keep up with it.
  6. I think that would be good, i know you're not out there doing some of things I do, so yea that would be a good idea. Plus you won't have any water getting trapped in there causing mud build up. I think I going to have to take mine down once or twice a year to clean them out.
  7. Ok ya'll, I finally got my rock sliders on and the underneath is completely skid plated. I took it for a test run and gave it hell. Now, I understand a lot of folks don't care for trail videos and that's cool, I get it. Just go to timestamp 10:30 and watch from there.
  8. Be sure to get some pictures or video to share with us please. Oh, don't include any shots or video that shows the surrounding terrain. Sometimes people can find places because they know the terrain and can look on google earth.
  9. I bought a set MaxTrax as well, haven't had to use them yet. but yea they are not meant for bridging gaps. Alot of reviews say they broke but, i don't think people were using correctly. I didn't buy the carrier for them, i just bought a 4pk of cheap straps and strapped them to the spare tire of the jeep.
  10. WOW, that looks like a really cool place to explore. Very nice pictures.
  11. Not sure if this comment goes in this thread, but it seems so. One thing I have noticed is the EWU Crew (Bob, Emma and the Fam) takes the time to recognize the comments on their videos with either a “Like” or “Heart”, sometimes a reply and for that I applaud them. I did a small sampling of some other "youtubers" and nothing; no likes, hearts or replies. So it makes me wonder, do they even care? I mean why would you not want to at least recognize your viewer’s thoughts. I just think it’s really great they created this forum to be interactive with the fans. Thanks guys, sincerely appreciated.
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