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  1. Last weekend, I took the oldest kid out to screw around and explore. Probably do the same this weekend if weather permits. Not like I'm going to see anyone or come in close contact, except maybe to get gas. I'm more worried about my friends back in California. Two who could leave, won't. One because she takes care of family. The other because I think deep inside he's hoping for a 'Korean Shop Owner' moment. Lol. Oh well. Tired of working from home. Tired of the damn gym being closed. At least the gun shops are still open, and a few of them carry fishing gear. Spring is here, the fish are going to be hunnnnngry!
  2. Having some passing knowledge of human medical trials, "studied more...and quickly", is an iffy statement. Sure, you can fast track availability of a drug and study it in-use, but lots of data will be missed because of the inability to do blind/double-blind trials, long-term cohort follow-up, controlling for confounding factors, and on and on. The can study it more for sure, but the dataset will be incomplete for years to come (if not longer). Still, this is really a question for the smart people that run and understand clinical human trials. It's an entirely new world to me as I try to catch up and learn-as-I-go. Still, that French doctor, Roault I think, published his research with a P < .001, so he's definitely rejecting the null hypothesis. Assuming he's adhered to sound research practices and data collection, it's promising. But, the drugs cost very little and there is no money in it for Big Pharma. Hence the race to find a vaccine, not a cure - there is more money in that. If not from the consumer, from governments - Big Pharma doesn't care - money is money, no matter who pays up. As far as your dad's meds go, a list of them and an hour with a PDR will probably give you an answer, assuming you understand his underlying conditions. The antimalarials have been around for 70 years, so their effects and side-effects are well-documented in most cases. There will always be edge cases. Bob asked about another drug - it's a specific antiviral developed for use against Marbug and Ebola - remdesivir. I'm not aware of those trials, but I believe the Japanese were the first to look at it's possible use against COVID-19. Still, generally, a big Nothing Burger. On Day 1 of the Great California Lockdown, my dad went fishing (and caught fish!) I'm heading out in a few minutes with the oldest to go explore for the day. We need time outside the house!
  3. Just when you think it can't get any dumber....California steps in. Media pushing fear and panic, politicians projecting idiotic and highly unlikely scenarios, and everyone ignoring the data. Or perhaps I should say, ignoring the fact that the data is VASTLY incomplete. You're trying to view a wall tapestry through a straw, in terms of equivalence. I've been watching the social fabric disintegrate. People looking at empty bread sections with vacant stares (it's empty, accept the defeat and move on). People fighting in the local Wallyworld over a package of TP. People bitching that there is no milk and no eggs. 80% of this could have been prevented if people took responsibility and planned ahead for situations like this. But even in CA, known for quakes, they don't. Nevada isn't proving much better in this parts. These idiots deserve what they get, and they don't deserve much.
  4. Meh, says I. I don't watch the news, so if they are 'staging' the imagery, it's new to me. I wouldn't be surprised at all. Course now they are closing casinos, bars, at-table dining, gyms... When will the stupid end? It's really starting to impact people. My wife comes from a Mormon background, though she left that religion 20+ years ago, she grew up with it. She always believes in having extended supplies, and with a family of 4, it makes sense. Especially when 75% of them are women with their own unique needs. Now *SHE* is getting worried and in that "All of X is not enough of X" and said "You better teach me how to hunt this weekend!" That's when I know the shit has hit the fan, or is at least being liberally thrown at it.
  5. Last night I went to Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up a box of 22, since I'd used a lot of it on my last outing. 90% of the 22LR was gone. Most pistol ammo, gone. Backpacking food section, completely cleaned out. So, I added a box of 200GR HXP projectiles to reload. Other than 22LR, ammo 'shortages' don't impact me. And they still had giant bags of cheap trail mix by the register. Always like to freeze it and keep it handy for last-minute, 2AM callouts. So I restocked my supply of that. Then, I got frisky and thought "Meh, I'm armed, and I like people-watching - I'm going to WALMART!" Human. Zoo. Cleaned out of OTC meds, TP, canned food, frozen food, and probably some other stuff. Tons of batteries and beer and soda. Also more than ample fresh produce. So I bought some honeycrisp apples (my favorite) and some oranges (navels are looking good now). As I was getting ready to leave, they brought out a half pallet of TP. The White Woman Looter Swarm was amazing!!!! Just watching, mind you, an employee thought I wanted some TP, so he thrust a 12-pack into my arms. I was "meh, OK, never hurts to get TP, with 3 women in the house", so I paid for my stuff and left. The parking lot was insane, people were complete jerks, and you could see the panic. There was a true sense of "All of it is not enough, I need even MOAR!" Work is "strongly encouraging" us to work remote now, which means basically I'm working in my PJ's for the next week, at least. And I actually like going to the office. So much fun!
  6. Actually, I hate working from home. The baby always wants "daddy this" or "daddy that", and I can't get work done. So I do what comes naturally - I play with the baby. Sort of annoys the boss, but I'm very unlikely to say "no" to a cute little blondie with curls when she says "tickle me dadda!"
  7. I just saw your follow-up video. And since this seems more or less the master thread for the search, I'm posting here. Move it if you think it should go elsewhere! I'm speaking with limited (but some) information here. At least in certain parts of northern Nevada, SAR is...a mess. With some teams, there's a serious case of "We've always done it this way and we'll KEEP doing it this way, FOR-EV-ER!" That's Strike 1. Some counties just have slackers for deputies. Some counties have real go-getter deputies. It sure sounds like Pershing is in the 'slacker' category. That's Strike 2. Search dogs are not the be-all, end-all solution for missing subject location (alive or dead). Dogs, like any other living creature, have good days and bad days, and they also have physical limitations. A trained bird dog and a trained SAR dog are actually not very different. They are applying the same canine tools, to different scents, to elicit similar responses to scent stimulus. Take a bird dog out on a HOT and DRY September afternoon to go look for chukar or ringnecks. That poor beast, aside from overheating quickly, is going to have a hard time finding scent. The same is true for any trained SAR dog. Handlers like to get out early when it's cool, the breezes are light, and the humidity is at it's highest. From there, conditions go downhill as the Sun gets higher and the air warms up. So I'm not surprised the folks from Utah struck out. BUT they should have KNOWN they would very likely strike out, and they shouldn't have taken 'no find' as any sort of answer. Their efforts and results should have been expressed that way. From what I see, they weren't. This whole effort was doomed to fail from the start. There was exactly zero leadership, concern, and energy given to this case. Why? I don't know. But she was never going to be found unless she self-rescued. On the upside, be glad you didn't find her. Getting those images out of your mind is hard, and it's harder if you don't take a very macabre and dark outlook on life to start with. I mean, how many people do you know that go on hikes and think "This would be a GREAT spot for someone to come and quietly hang himself!"?
  8. This is such a NothingBurger, and it's annoying me. I've been buried at Job #1 with preparing infrastructure to manage virtual desktops, VPN's, and other remote access tools/services. Then at 2PM yesterday, I get told "work from home on Friday, test out remote services". Shit, don't have to ask me twice. Of course that was after having one person drop off a tube of Clorox wipes (really?) in my office, the custodian wiping down door handles with same, and watching facilities install Germ-X dispensers all over the place. Whatever. Water? I have a creek 100 yards away. Food? I was eyeballing the squirrels on my back fence this morning, as they were slightly annoying me. So noted if I decide I want stew. TP? I live in a house with 3 women. My wife buys TP by the truckload. And we have a 60 day supply at all times because of that. Meh. One case diagnosed in this county as of today. Big deal. Remember, the statistics on this illness are very preliminary, raw, and incomplete. It's possible, and probable, that there are an order of magnitude more infections than known, in all locations with emergent disease. ASSuming they aren't missing the boat for stats on COVID-19 deaths, that would put the mortality rate under 1%, even if you assume a high of 4%. That's getting close to typical influenza mortality. Big. Nothing. Burger.
  9. I have never been lost, just temporarily without proper orientation. Lost is a state of mind. Don't get lost.
  10. It's legit - not the first picture I've seen of the Water Bottle Mask. The idea is to prevent ocular contamination from coughs and sneezes. It's low-tech, but it puts a barrier between your eyeballs (common entry point for viruses) and the virus. I know it looks funny, and the Local Yokels here might want to laugh and poke fun. Imagine the measures you might take if there was an active epidemic of an airborne virus in your region, especially if commercial PPE couldn't be found, and you had to improvise. You'd probably be hacking up your 2 liter bottles to devise something in a hurry, too.
  11. It's VERY competitive when you're dealing with non-government SAR orgs (which I generally dislike and have no use for). It's also even MORE competitive when you're dealing with K9 handlers. They are, by and large, a group of petulant children - I know precisely one K9 handler whose view is "I'm just a ground searcher that happens to have a trained dog." The rest of them think Jesus Christ himself has anointed them from On High and Graced Them With All Power and Knowledge.
  12. Oh, I have zero confidence in our government. It's too slow and inefficient to be of much use. But there are global cases, which means global access to virus samples, and therefore global research on the pathogen. These folks talk, share data, recommend research methods, and generally collaborate to understand the threat. I agree that what happens there can impact the rest of the world - just look at what the stock market has done. And I haven't checked, but I bet N95 and P100 masks are getting low in some of the box stores. And I didn't mean my reply as a rant per se. I just figure I've got more realistic concerns, like taking care of my family, going to work, not getting run over in the parking lot, etc. Finally - did anyone notice that we're heading into a Grand Solar Minimum, on par with the Maunder Minimum that was, in part, responsible for the Little Ice Age? You combine a few decades of colder weather and lower crop yields, you get weaker humans with weaker immune systems. Talk about a sh*tstorm waiting to happen.
  13. I really don't care what China's government does to China's people. If the people don't like it, overthrow the government. If they want to be sheep about it, that's their choice, not mine. If they want to lie about the number of infections and deaths, again, that's their choice. Our public health folks will (or should, anyway) do what's best to protect people within our borders.
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