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  1. Something I've learned about mine exploring in the last few years. Look around at all the 'main attractions' as much as you want. Then, go for a walk. I have found so many interesting things (artifacts, structures, etc.) by just getting off the beaten path, it's surprises me to no end. Even walking down the wash/ridge next to the road can be enough to reveal interesting old stuff. Of course most of these sites have been pillaged over time, so you're not likely to find gold bars and ore carts sitting on the surface. But, it still makes for a good explore and good times.
  2. Damn. Bob's gone corporate. I hope I can get in on the IPO when it's time -- I'll make a killing. As someone that has talked to Bob a good deal almost since he started down this road, it has been interesting to see the channel change and mature. I sincerely wish I had Bob's business smarts. Sure, I can tell a client how to form their business, procedures to comply with entity governance regulations, and keep on the right side of the law. But never, ever, have I been good at actually running a business. That's one reason I closed my law office years ago. I love practicing law
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