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  1. You do not have a boring voice, actually, it's enthusiastic. Don't remember it being boring in the earlier days either. I remember you guys not showing your faces for a while. I was a voicechaser (person who sought the find the faces to cartoon characters - I know I'm a nerd) when I was younger, lol, it's weird...it's like I have to put a face to the voice. The first video I remember seeing your faces was that sheriff dude by the area 51 bus. Oh, I was so ecstatic to finally put a face to the voice, lol (shhh, it's the nerd in me). Very cool! I recently watched the giants video, it was awesome! That sounds like an adventure in itself! Very intriguing and awesome! Congrats and good luck!!!
  2. I'm kind of in the same boat. But when the kids need to get out during the week (we mostly explore on the weekends), we head out towards the Delaware River. There's a few spots along the river.
  3. Posted in your other thread I just have to see when side-shows/circus's were popular. Possible escapee of a side show, but worth delving in for sure!
  4. This was one of those urban legends that I've always had a fascination with growing up in NJ. I didn't live in the Pine Barrens but sometimes heard stories from other people who had family that lived in the Pine Barrens, or near. With how many people actually reported seeing it is intriguing in itself. My opinion over the years has changed, but, if people actually seen a creature like that...I'd say they most certainly seen the hammerhead bat. Could have been one of those side shows that purchased the creature to show in entertainment like circus's and escaped...but possibly never reported the escape or the news of never got around.
  5. Hammerhead bat. I've heard recent talks that people may have confused this with the New Jersey Devil, but then again, how did a hammerhead bat get in NJ back in the day. Been planning on getting back to the Pine Barrens so I can do an overnight in there. Hubby keeps talking me out of it, lol.
  6. Hey All - only my daughter and I made the return trip. Hubby had to work that Saturday and Danny was fine, but just wanted to veg. I took my time with this one. I thought the song fit pretty good (actually, I loved how it fit). I'm almost sure people got their vehicles back there and just hooked them up and pulled the ruins down. That concrete tank could have stood for many decades more...plus, the graffiti (scribble) inside the concrete tank kind of made sense that it was torn down on purpose. Finally getting more comfortable with the drone and got some excellent drone footage...and yes, the water is that blue in NJ.
  7. A good public club or forum topic would be where it shows the destruction of sharing locations. Before and after. I have two I can currently add (Fries Mill, Centralia) A third if I go back to the location.
  8. I was using Off Deep Woods which worked well in the past, just purchased Sawyer Permethrin yesterday after putting more research into better preventive measures, seeing how that's getting good reviews.
  9. Neither was I until the doc mentioned it. Since then, been seeing reports on the news about that. Strange thing though.
  10. Apparently, an outbreak of strange rashes are now a sign of Covid in kids and young adults. Edit: https://www.goodrx.com/blog/coronavirus-skin-rash-covid-toe-symptoms/
  11. It was pretty big. About 4 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall. Plus the little boils aren't typical which also threw off the ER doc. Also like to mention that with the Covid test pending, we did self-quarantine. But, that only took a couple days. ER was Sunday, had results back Wednesday.
  12. We hike in the woods often, finding abandonments. I use Off Deep Woods on the kids in addition to tick checks when we get back home. I still can't wrap my head how this happened. Only thing I can think of is that it was an extremely small tick. The kinds that are as small as those red mites. There was no tick bite either. Backing up: Danny started getting fevers and getting sick in the mornings on top of being lethargic. Of course, my first thought was Covid until I seen that rash. Then my heart dropped (would have dropped with Covid too, cellulitis...anything really)...classic bullseye Lyme rash. Of all the times I spent in the woods as a kid with no sprays, ticks galore I was lucky to never catch it. Here, spray my kids down, take the precaution of checking and hike mostly worn trails and boom. I take him to the ER, ER doc says that's not typical of lyme rashes to be raised and hurting. Lyme and Covid tests come back negative early last week. Just had the teleconference call with the doctor this afternoon and doc believes it was indeed Lyme. The ER originally diagnosed cellulitis pending the other 2 test results. Doc says it was caught in time and the ER gave the right antibiotics and Danny should have no long term effect. Test came back negative because it was still in the early stages. So, naturally, I'm conflicted about bringing the kids on explores now. But the woods are good for them. I don't know how else to prevent this Pic is of his belly, just below the rib cage - from last week. It's almost completely gone now.
  13. There are categories indeed. And then there are those damned vandals. They will find a way, unfortunately. This took it to a whole new level as this area is patrolled by Park Rangers. Signs are posted too with that indication. What a job they did, huh. I started scrubbing my website today. I was simply heartbroken seeing that in person. Another one I had posted, a flippin' 4 mile hike (just to get to them) in the middle of nowhere - ruins...not easy to get to. I've been seeing pictures of them being tagged. Who the hell backpacks a spray paint can just to do crap like that. I had good faith in people wanting to see history in person...but not with what I've been seeing lately. I'll be putting requests in to AtlasObscura to take the articles down. I was simply too naive. Another favorite: Cliffdale Manor is now getting tagged up big time. It's a hike to get to, but an easy hike. In a park no less. Where are the rangers for that one. I have a contractual obligation coming out later this year - I'm so sorry now I did it. So, this isn't over for me. Also if you notice the wall behind it too. All tagged up now. I've only seen tagging in action once, years ago. Didn't get them on video but now vow if I see it again, I will be plastering their faces all over. Tired of this crap.
  14. So, yeah...where do I start. I recently found out that one of the ruins that's on public land in NJ (wildlife preserve)...one that I blabbed about and even published an article on a popular website (as well as my own website)...has been destroyed. A thick concrete skeleton of a sawmill ruin from the 1800's...collapsed and highly doubtful it collapsed on its own. I can almost bet that someone took their vehicle back there and hooked it up. Heartbroken and feeling stupid and this path isn't over as I have things coming out in the future I've been keeping little-knowns on the down-low...but this took the cake for public areas that require hiking...even if there are Rangers in the area. I'll be making a return trip (hopefully this weekend) and doing a video about it and concentrating on the fact that I won't share things like this in the future anymore. RIP Sawmill Ruin I'm so sorry! Will be working the website and removing information of exact locations when I get time. Finding a way to share history without sharing the love of seeing it in person is a new journey for me.
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