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  1. Multiple options Investigations and anything adventurous. You guys have multiple talents which always keeps me intrigued.
  2. I watched something about West Virginia folk living in the middle of nowhere a couple years ago. Very interesting stuff! Do you ever feel too alone to the point where you'd want to move back to the general population? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed outside help but was reluctant to ask for it?
  3. Not rock crawling. I have a friend with a Wrangler (a 4 door) and another friend has a Ram. I see the difference when we go out. The Wrangler doesn't struggle where the Ram has to go much slower with challenges even with trail-riding (like steeper hills or tight turns). We off-roaded in Centralia (no mods on either vehicle) and the Ram got slightly damaged that day and struggled with quite a few things to where the Wrangler didn't. Tennessee does have nice mountains though. You don't struggle with the Ram on steeper inclines? More so with balance if the incline is not even?
  4. Those are good things to be concerned about. When I think desert, I think of rattlers and scorpions. Eek. I don't know how you do it, lol.
  5. While I'm out exploring: bears in caves/mines. Bear in general. Went camping once and thankfully we had a cabin. Out by the fire one night and a bear started roaring/growling across the river which was by our cabin. Hustled everyone inside...never seen it but heard it loud and clear. Poisonous snakes is another fear. Cave crickets now too. Went into a weird tunnel, was lined with hundreds of cave crickets but I didn't see them because I didn't have the proper lighting and was focused what directly was ahead of me (looking for snakes). Went in further and they all starting jumping on me...got it all on video though and now other local YouTubers bust my chops, lol...in a good way though. But I had nightmares for a couple days after that.
  6. Fritz is about 7 years old now. Was a rescue from the shelter when he was 2...kept his name. Recently lost our Akbash (like a great Pyrenees but with shorter hair) named Mika she was 12 when she passed over the summer. Still hurts.
  7. Toyota's reliability is also underestimated. You can drive those things into the ground with half a billion miles and they still keep going. Hubby was looking to get a 4runner or Tacoma at one point that we would have off-roaded in. FJ's kick some serious butt off-roading too and some say can out-perform a Wrangler. Not sure why his decision was swayed to an older Wrangler that's now been sitting in our driveway for 2 months I've seen Ram's in action off-roading. It is more bulky and has more weight and struggles with true off-roading. They should mostly be geared towards trail riding but trails around here are known to get tight and overgrown. Not good for a wide-bodied vehicle. Not so much scratching the paint - wise, but when there are trees tight to the trail, tree stumps or boulders off to the side it makes it extra challenging. As for popular opinion: good question. I would think 4runner's would be awesome off-roading. Hey, if you have a friend with a Wrangler; comparing the Wrangler the Ram and 4runner off-roading would make a good video. I'm surprised not many people mention Subaru's. Lot's of off-roading clubs that are mostly Subaru's.
  8. I seen a few videos where it was intentionally fake and in good fun, but people still go upset by it. I did a fake one once, man my acting was bad. It's not on my channel, never posted it. But it is rendered, lol. I had fun making the video with my daughter. But, could totally bring a bunch of thumbs down "omg that's so fake" stuff rather then someone viewing as something fun...even if I advertise it as fake.
  9. Trying to recall (I seem to be doing that a lot lately, lol), but one video sticks out in my mind is the live one with the Area 51 video where the sheriff was being an ass.
  10. Watched the first 2 seasons then just lost interest.
  11. Ooof, well, lol: Left wrist: kindergarten Right wrist: 4th grade Left ankle: 5th grade Right ankle: 13 years old on Halloween Pinky: High school basketball - actually the one that didn't heal right, lol. Bone healed with a huge bump. Right upper arm, the worst one. Broke in 3 places and had frozen shoulder after: in my late 30's trying to bumper sled. Lol.
  12. Had a few, but the ones I remember: I had a dream that there were a bunch of bugs crawling on me. Jumped up out of bed out of a solid sleep, swooshing away the bugs I thought I was still seeing. Took me a good 2 minutes to realize it was a dream and that there were no bugs around. I used to have recurring dreams of tornado's when I was growing up. Don't know why, I live in the north-east. While we do have tornado's (weak ones), they are very rare. Not sure if they really meant anything.
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