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  1. I noticed bottled water is good now, but we do the Zero-Water pitcher filter (have 2 of them now). Meats seems to be more available now since they started limiting people. Still no paper towels or TP. And my system can only handle Scott's TP I only purchased 2 - 12 packs during the panic and now can't find them at all, anywhere. We still are ok, but in another 2 more weeks, that'll be it.
  2. I was thinking maybe they had a tranquilizer ready to fire.
  3. A few counties in PA are not on "Stay at Home" orders...I'm in one of those counties. I think the whole state of NJ is on Stay at Home orders too. Never in my life would I have imagined something like this. I had hubby take inventory of his ammo. Just being prepared in case things do get worse.
  4. Maybe with a little ole-black bear. Not big bears, lol.
  5. People eating super hot peppers and their struggle.
  6. 7 day fast...that takes some will power. I've done some reading on fasting, it's very interesting. Basically, resets your system?
  7. Totally agreed! I seen a thread in one of the local FB communities, someone stated their feelings about the panic buying and how ridiculous everyone is being (in which I agree). And one of the responses was basically...loosely quoted 'don't be angry because I was able to stock up before you'. The only thing happening with the grocery stores are the ones that were open 24 hours reduced their hours...mostly from 6 AM to 11 PM. But here are pics from last nights grocery shopping. I didn't get a pic of everything. Lots of shelves were wiped clean. Even eggs were gone. I was lucky enough to be able to grab some butter...the expensive kind, but still. And this kind of thing is being reported from most of the grocery stores. Now, if they start stocking the shelves, people post the pics on FB of the item being restocked. Then people rush to grab the item, and guess what happens next...now they're out of stock again. It's become a vicious cycle.
  8. Went grocery shopping tonight. There was no meat (no ground beef, steaks, chicken...nothing), no bread, lots of stuff out...even sugar and flour. It's a weird situation. The state of PA has now announced a lock down. From what I understand, all stores and malls will be shut down but essential stores will remain open. The liquor stores will be shutting down. My kids now don't have school for 2 weeks. But one of the kickers is that state parks and trails are shutting down. I can understand bathrooms, visitor centers and playgrounds...but the trails!? I literally know no one with this virus which makes this even more strange.
  9. My son cosplay's as the plague doctor on occasion. He's been doing that for a few years now. I combine my passion for abandonment's with his for cosplaying (he does steampunk too and currently working on Arkham Joker). I'm not sure about other areas and how they are being affected by panic buying, but haven't seen toilet paper stocked for a few days now. Meme's about the toilet paper crisis are being posted like crazy. Today, we took to a few abandoned sites that we've been to before. This pic turned out to be my favorite so far, still working on others. His past work:
  10. My work seems to be preparing for the work at home thing. They collected everyone's information today. Schools in some surrounding districts have closed down, I bet our district isn't too far behind. A neighboring county going into a major shutdown: https://6abc.com/6006509/
  11. Hey Everyone This is the 2nd video I posted with me using the new DJI gimbal. Loving it so far. Always had an issue with stable videos and didn't think my phone was capable of taking good video (currently an S8+ but will be upgrading to a Galaxy S20+ soon). But, this was a roadside find on our way to a different explore - short video. It was a part of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Old Road Branch (upper bridge) and Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad (lower bridge). Never really seen a railroad system that crossed like this over a river.
  12. I noticed that TP and cleaners are practically wiped out, but meds are fully stocked. I grabbed extra meds...doesn't hurt. TP, I mean, if worse comes to worse we can always rig our toilet like a bidet. Shelves are wiped out of cleaners, but bleach was still fully available. Strange situation.
  13. The Canadian Rockies are on my bucket list Like Lake Louise.
  14. I stopped after they caught Negan. Not sure why...I do need to pick that series up again though.
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