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  1. They post comments impersonating me, using my public email address (notice they use thearea51rider@gmail, NOT thearea51rider@gmail.com. I always put the .com) Guess how many emails I have recieved? Zero. Because there's only 1-2 people making those posts.
  2. Agreed. I am trying to document it by timeframe, but unfortunately I did not save it sorted by date/time. Which would have made this easier. He/they refer to this as "stalking".
  3. Yes Emma, that screenshot and others will be in my next blog post.
  4. You missed a key point - he claimed I cut his brake lines i.e. attempted murder
  5. No, they are making comments on those Cheaterland pages, pretending to be me. FYI, there are 3 accounts on Youtube impersonating me, even using my picture. I have reported them repeatedly, Youtube does nothing. One of them I have proof is his.
  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ML56iodBUULEvHCIwUTP-41XLuLyxxWN
  7. As most of you know or have heard, these masks are almost impossible to find. Even for healthcare workers. I heard Trump in a press conference, just yesterday, basically threaten 3M if they shipped masks out of the US. The sister of my brother-in-law works in the health care industry here in Canada, and she has NO access to masks at all. As such, and because I have been ordering a lot of stuff from China for years, I have ordered some masks for her from a company in China. They may or may not be authentic 3M masks, and I paid a lot for them, plus even more to have them shipped express via DHL. Typically I will see them in about 5 days, normal shipping from China can take 30 days MINIMUM. I will post pictures of them and link where to buy them here. Once I receive them and have a look at them.
  8. ...and furthermore. Just because he seems to have publicly disappeared, the hate campaign against me continues, in a less obvious form.
  9. I will probably take some flak for this, but I have started compiling and posting in blog format some of what I have been dealing with for almost 3 years. Since I started the blog, he/they have already accused me of "playing the victim", or "creating drama", or worse (the anonymous coward of course). They have also been making posts impersonating me, trying to be creative by posting my real email address, or using terms they know I use. That won't stop me. It just encourages me to continue. They also monitor this message board, so be aware. https://thearea51rider.com
  10. Honestly? I am a 58 year old guy, and if I see a 20-something in a pair of LuluLemon leggings? I'm looking. But there's looking, and then there's LOOKING. Or having no class at all, and posting crude or beyond crude comments, typically anonymously.
  11. I have no style. I wear either Costco Levi or Tommy Hilfiger jeans, and Fruit-of-the-Loom t-shirts. Everyday. And a camo "Castro cap"/cadet hat that is way overdue for the garbage can.
  12. I decided to jump down the hole, but for Canada's numbers. 2018 stats - 23,642 deaths per month. So far 247 have died from Coronavirus in Canada. Which is about 1% of the statistical rate, FWIW
  13. Something I have thought about (assuming I can get my hands on a 3M N95 mask) - can you sterilize them? I found this info on a website that makes a system for doing just that, but these are ways you can do it yourself.
  14. WTF. So in theory you cannot legally be in a vehicle with anyone else? I guess they aren't meeting their photo-radar quota, so they have to make it up somehow. Cochrane is in the same province I am in, more southern near Calgary.
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