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  1. Coldest I ever saw was -52F = -47C (NOT including windchill) That was many years ago. Unlikely with global warming to see lower than -30F/-34C now.
  2. Edmonton and Calgary are the "big cities" in our province. I am about 300 miles/500km NW of Edmonton.
  3. I bought then converted a brand new 12' cargo trailer last year, to replace the 24' holiday trailer I had. Was costing me a fortune to haul it to Nevada and back. My mini-RV I can tow with my Tacoma, and has all the amenities - fridge, stove w/oven, AC, shower, portapotty, generator. It is GREAT
  4. I will smile when November rolls around, and that guy who I (and probably most other people) thought would never get elected, DOESN'T get elected again. I pray for that.
  5. Just some of the spam I get on a daily basis. I deleted the 30+ gay sex related ones for this picture. I have no doubt who is behind it, considering the gay-sex angle.
  6. I am stuck in Canada until they reopen the Canada/US border. Which I am thinking won't be anytime soon. In theory I could FLY down there, in reality I don't fly nor can I afford it. This graphic tells me "don't hold your breathe".
  7. Some good stuff there, I wish his fanboys would read it.
  8. Happy July 4th to My American Friends! I wish it were better times, but I hope these times find you healthy and as happy as you can be. They postponed the fireworks here until today (Canada Day was July 1st). We have been getting torrential rain here, and rivers are flooding their banks. July 1st was pouring rain.
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