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  1. please do a satirical episode on ewu rooney. i miss that guy. we used to throw bananas at monkeys together. COME BACK WOONEY!
  2. hey just DM'd you about the discord

  3. Whats the story with your tiny nose?

    1. EWU Emma
    2. benskev


      i honestly didnt notice until lilly pointed it out.

  4. emma i love the new cover pic!

  5. dude i think ur pic looks a little photoshopped....

    1. EWU Emma

      EWU Emma

      I'll have you know it's 100% REAL! 😠

    2. benskev


      The money, crown, Ferrari and you are real... i just think the sunglasses aren't real

    3. benskev


      Also sorry emm 😞

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