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  1. Is that the game that sends you to places that you think of?
  2. That’s a shame. I thought there was a good community that had built up....let me know when and what it will be replaced with....Thanks Bob.
  3. I’ve been away from the forum for a while but when I came back a few days ago it seems to be very quiet...where is everybody????
  4. Where are everyone????It seems quiet on here now

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    2. Martin Kolesar

      Martin Kolesar

      I don't know. My guess is that everyone thinks the forum got removed for good.

    3. Vinny


      It’s like that film with Will Smith where he’s alone in that city

    4. Vinny


      This is eerie

  5. Seems strange that for a virus that is only affecting a few people in the grand scheme of things the world has completely shut down. The rich are becoming even richer while the everyday man/woman are wondering wether they’ll have a job in a few weeks/months. In the UK we’re being told to be back home after 10pm, you can’t see your family and could get fined if you’re caught doing it. They don’t want you going from region to region unless necessary..Even if you’re not into conspiracy theories it gets you thinking and asking “what is happening?”
  6. Vinny

    How are you doing BigC?

  7. Hello Brandi R 🖐🏻

  8. How’s things ArcticThunder?

  9. How’s it going Highlander.....👍🏻?

  10. Hi Christie 🖐🏻

  11. Nobody asked if you guys were abducted by aliens and taken to Area51?......or did they?? Well done for coming away from that social media bollocks and glad to see you're a tight-knit family as should be. P.s just to confirm, you weren’t abducted by aliens?
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