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  1. A sad fact of life is that some people see what others have and become jealous and vicious....unfortunately this will always be..Always be better than these not very nice people, or as Emma calls them Cu#ts
  2. I think Woodstock might be related to Beavis
  3. And it should be snoopy’s not snoopies. Just saying....again
  4. He is right about Woodstock though.....just saying
  5. ...this is not a recommendation but it is the last book I read
  6. Forces of Nature-Prof Brian Cox.....everything in the universe is weird!.
  7. Where’s Wally?....hours of fun.
  8. Depends if you visit the butchers before the grocery store.
  9. Sorry, forgot to thank you for the answer....
  10. I thought Breaking Benjamin is a tv series.....
  11. Maybe this for all the recommended items?
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