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  1. Is the forum compatible with any mobile apps? Or just mobile web browser?
  2. It would make my day if the EWU crew did 'Oak Island Style' narrations on one of their videos. "A banana peel? In the Desert?"
  3. "A paved road? In the swamp?" lol I love that show! Guilty pleasure for sure. If there is anything, they've probably destroyed it all by drilling holes through it and letting sea water in.
  4. Soap. I make soap as my side hustle. Sell at craft fairs, online and such. There is a surprisingly large soap community on youtube. I've recorded a few times, but always ditch the footage. Hate being on camera.
  5. I don't know how it works exactly, but I have a family member that has been sentenced to multiple years... twice actually. On both occurrences, after just 30 and 90 days I got a phone call., "I'm Out. Come Pick me up." You don't have to be a celebrity or have connections to get special treatment. Just luck. I imagine too, there are probably rules for early release... like non violent crimes, past record etc. Maybe we have a lawyer in here who can tell us. P.S. This was 8+ Years ago and my family member has mended his ways. #NoJudgement
  6. Enjoy it while you can! Mid 30s and my body revolts at just the thought of Taco Bell. lol
  7. Chipotle. Then Burger King... Impossible Whopper is pretty good. Have ya'll tried it yet?
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