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Hi ! I was born in Anchorage, Alaska. WAY back then when I being raised there was a real sense of community. TOTALLY different than today. I could go on forever about Alaska. I have never seen a Sasquatch. But have seen sign.  I am a Christian, and believe God, Family and your Country and your fellow Man & Woman come first. I am disabled. I can walk around the house, but have to use my POWERFUL power chair to go outside of the Apartment. I love archeology. Volcano's hold a special fascination. I lived in Hawaii for 3 and 1/2 years, maybe that's why. The study of Gods beautiful creations is wonderful. And I love jewels. Raw and finished. I collect the cut and calibrated ones. I consider all beautiful stones "jewels"! And love old things from the past. Mysteries abound every where. And I just love being a member of the EWU CREW ! Some people consider me a bit off, daft, cranium deficient. Can't please every one, you will go nuts if you try.      



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