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  1. Does anyone on here play animal crossing? I just got a Nintendo switch and I'm obsessed!

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    2. ArcticThunder


      @HGOWDY anyone can be addicted to a game.


    3. HGOWDY
    4. fishfeet88


      ME ME ME but am playing on pocket camp! am addicted though hahahaha

  2. This is the face I got when I suggested he got a bath and a brush 😂


  3. Hey Dennis! We are doing okay here, everything feels a little more normal now that I'm back to work. We are still in lockdown for at least another two weeks, so it's straight to work and straight home again but it's nice to get out of the house for a while. Unfortunately my boyfriend's uncle died from coronavirus about a week ago. He had some underlying conditions and it took him very fast. Thankfully the rest of our family all seem to be fine and no one else is showing any symptoms. Let's hope it stays that way. Hope everything is okay with you!
  4. Yeah it's definitely not a vehicle for a big family. Kids are not in my plan AT ALL so it's perfect for me, my boyfriend and the dog! It's actually got a surprising amount of space inside. Although theres a YouTuber from South Africa (ROAM Overlanding) who drives one and makes videos about travel and off roading. He's a big guy and well over 6ft tall...he looks a little cramped inside it Edit Here is one of his videos, just incase you were curious
  5. I have finally caught up on this thread (sorry I'm a little late to the party) but thanks for posting this!! I always wondered what had happened with The Area 51 Rider and Adventures with Christian. I haven't actually watched any of Christian's videos but from what I have read on here he is an extremely toxic person! I'm sorry you guys have had to go through all of this
  6. Yeah it is pretty small!! It's great fun to drive though & perfect for getting me to work in bad weather.
  7. I have been on furlough for 3 weeks here in Northern Ireland. I'm going back to work Monday even though we are still in lockdown here. I work in an office for an online clothing retailer and online shopping is still being encouraged. I'm a little nervous about going back but it will be good to get back to work and into some sort of routine again. Everyday feels like the same day at the moment
  8. Today's project while we are in lockdown was using up my stickers to make something I can keep. So I came up with this.

    @The Area 51 Rider @EWU Bob @EWU Emma @EWU Audrey @EWU Lily


    1. The Area 51 Rider

      The Area 51 Rider

      I love that 🙂

    2. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      That's pretty cool!

  9. Just watched the international space station fly over my house. Amazes me every time!! 

    1. EWU Rooney

      EWU Rooney

      My words! It’s easy to track on the Sky Guide app 🙂 

  10. I watched this video this morning! It's so strange to see Vegas like that!! I have been twice and we are planning to go back once everything goes back to normal. It's one of my favourite places.
  11. Hope everyone is doing okay! I haven't been online much with everything that has been going on. We are in a partial lockdown now and I have just finished my first ever day of working from home. Now it's time for some Disney + 😍


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    2. Diddy.draw


      This was my retriever as a pup, sadly he passed away due to cancer


    3. HGOWDY


      What a cutie! I would love a retriever, we have always said we will get a second dog one day. Would you ever get another pup?

    4. Diddy.draw


      I would love too but I have the cat who get jealous if I even dare to day dream about stroking another animal 😂

  12. Hope everyone is doing okay amidst this coronavirus craziness!!

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    2. ArcticThunder


      My favorite pizza joint is open, but I have to stand outside until my order is done. That's ok.

    3. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Hope you're doing okay too! Seems there are still a lot of people out not practicing physical distancing. 

    4. HGOWDY


      @ArcticThunder here in Northern Ireland all restaurants, gyms etc were ordered to close last night. We can still get takeaway food or food deliveries for now, so I think I will be taking advantage of that tonight 😁


      @EWU Bob it is the same here, people won't keep their distance from each other, especially in grocery shops. Kids are off school and parents are all sending them out on the streets to play together which isn't really the point of them being off school 🤦🏼‍♀️

      I still have to go into work at the minute but my workplace are taking precautions and doing all they can to keep us safe. This is a photo of my office door. I have to keep it locked, so only the 4 office staff are allowed inside, and they removed a window to create a hatch for me to speak to people though and receive paperwork etc. 


  13. Has anyone prepared in anyway for having to potentially go into self isolation or lockdown? With so many mixed messages I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing for the best. Our local supermarkets are empty of stock at the minute. Ive been off work this week for planned annual leave and I'm actually starting to get nervous about returning to work on Monday. There is a pretty big workforce that I will be coming into contact with. Ive also had 3 emails from my employer all saying different things regarding the virus. It's all very confusing.
  14. My EWU hoodie arrived last week. Just in time for my birthday!
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