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  1. Real Estate Broker and school board Trustee. Single dad too, and that's the fun job!
  2. Hi all. I made a few comments in the facebook EWU Crew, the 2nd one trying to offer all the critics a way to look at it from your perspective. Not that I claim to know what's in your heads, but it sounds like I had a good idea. People get invested in you guys, as seeing your family became an enjoyable routine. It is for me, and my young daughter. It was routine to see you all at the end of our night, watching youtube before sleep. My daughter knows we get all sorts of free flights and stuff because my cousin is an Exec at Air Canada, so shes been bugging to go to Area 51 and some of the spots from the vids! From my perspective, we are still with you because these vids are your creations! And they are very interesting too! I truly hope that in the future, even if only on this form, there would be a possible update on how everyone is. You guys made me laugh a lot! Emma and Bob: my favorite has to be when you two spray painted signs for the camo dudes lol! Not everyone would do that! I'm proud to still be a patron, and I hope this move let's you focus on what makes you happiest! It will also weed out the creeps and non loyal fans. Its great that you manage and interact with your subs here too. I was laughing at all the comments on Facebook about how you all sold the show and buggered off somewhere with your money! Keep it up, and lots of love❤ P.S. tell Rooney to have a few tonight...he took a lot of crap today when that first dropped! Steve
  3. Happy Birthday in advance man! Enjoy it and the time with family/friends! Steve
  4. Hi Oscar, glad you're here!
  5. Happy Fathers Day to you too, and to all the dads and father figures in the crew!
  6. I never thought of it that way actually, and it's an interesting point you make. I too found it strange....why now? More likely than vampire aliens that only fly at night!
  7. Interesting how there were many strange things seen days before this incident. You hear a lot of that. The Nimitz war planes thing reported they'd been tracking weird stuff on radar for weeks before their encounter which is now so famous. Great share!
  8. Happy New Year to everyone! EWU Bob, EWU Emma, EWU Lilly, EWU Audrey, EWU Charlie, EWU Mama, EWU Rooney and all who bring to life your wonderful family's travels; may you continue to grow your channel, which entertains so many across the globe! Safe travels to you, and every member of the EWU CREW in 2020! Steve & daughter Caitlin in Toronto.
  9. You're welcome, Bob. Haven't made a video in the sense like you guys, but did take some videos of a spot called Colborne Lodge, here in Toronto. On many websites as most haunted place in the city. An old house amidst a gigantic parkland called High Park, supposedly haunted by the original owners who donated the park to the city, and died in the home. Went at midnight on Halloween, but my daughter got a bit spooked in the middle lol. Fun time though, thx for asking. Steve
  10. Hello to the family and to everyone else! Glad to be here, in addition to the group and You Tube! To the family: thx for all the amazing content! Being a single dad of an 11 year old girl, it's safe to say her and I are together all the time. She loves watching your videos, and I think its encouraging and an inspiration to her, to see Bob and the girls running their own thing so well. We were hooked on some earlier vids of Bob and Emma, but when the other girls started appearing more, I think she really saw that as an encouraging thing. I'm very close with her, so she relates to your family's bond too. Lots of love and continuing growth and success from us in Toronto. Cheers! Steve & Caitlin.
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