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  1. Going through a divorce and moving, especially during a pandemic must be stressful. I can't even imagine moving somewhere else right now. Good thing your parents recovered from this terrible virus. I hope things will get better for you as well.
  2. We have some but not many of them. Our country is currently in the third phase of vaccinating (out of 11). That means that only healthcare workers and people who are 75 years old or older can get vaccinated. Honestly, the situation wouldn't be as bad if our prime minister handled the situation adequately, but what he did was - he announced a full lockdown and when the situation got better he lifted it, then it got worse again, he announced another lockdown and so on. When it got out of control, he blamed the experts. But I'm not gonna go into politics - it's just chaos, especially nowadays bec
  3. In my country (Slovakia) the Covid situation is only getting worse, even though (almost) everything is closed (schools, businesses, ski resorts, you name it). You can't even go to another district without getting fined. And if you want to go outside IN your district you need to have a negative certificate no older than a week. It's been like this since the beginning of the year and there are little to no results... So yeah, great. How about you?
  4. Where are everyone????It seems quiet on here now

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    2. Martin Kolesar

      Martin Kolesar

      I don't know. My guess is that everyone thinks the forum got removed for good.

    3. Vinny


      It’s like that film with Will Smith where he’s alone in that city

    4. Vinny


      This is eerie

  5. This quarantine is killing me. I hate being at home all the time. I'm bored to death.bored over it GIF

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    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Yeah, it's starting to really suck! 

    3. EWU Emma
    4. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      Yeah me too🙁😭 It's getting bored being at home just playing ps4 and mobile games. It sucks guess when we will be free and this virus is done forever.

  6. Hi Martin Kolesar, thanks for the follow! 

  7. Merry Christmas EWU Crew!

    1. EWU Emma

      EWU Emma

      Merry Christmas, Martin!! Hope you have a great one! 🐺💕

    2. Martin Kolesar
  8. Still haven't found out how to like posts. I feel like a grandma.

    1. EWU Emma

      EWU Emma

      Hey Martin, welcome to the forum! You have to submit one post and get it approved, but it should have moved you to the approved group when you linked your Patreon account! Going to move you over to the correct group now, so you should be able to like posts in a second! 😄

    2. Martin Kolesar

      Martin Kolesar

      Works now. Thanks!

    3. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Not your fault Martin, was an issue with the forums that I think we have fixed. 

  9. Welcome Martin! 

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