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  1. It was and some of the snow had packed and melted into ice. There was one section where we had to lay some logs across a washout because the first jeeps tires kept sliding sideways towards the ravine. It was worth it to get to the other side and see the top. Definitely a nail biter tho. Would have much preferred to go in the summer but can't waste a day right?
  2. Didn't make it to the cemetery but did get to the back where that water tower cover (or whatever it was) is. Going up to the top of the trail got super windy and it was very cold. I was happy to see the school house was in good shape and not burned/blown up. We would have spent more time if it wasn't so cold.
  3. Very cold Sunday explore at the Pine Grove,NV mine site area.
  4. Hi everyone. My name is Greg Smith and I live in Sparks,NV. I've always checked out abandoned places with my kids. My favorite around here was American Flats.(Boo BLM) We also go to Maine and explore places there. I'd love to get into the long shuttered Naval Prison in Kittery,ME.
  5. I agree with that, I don't think Dixie is really a secret by any means. It is pretty well known around here.(I live in Sparks,NV but have also lived in Fernley.) I do have a small spot to share with you but I'll try to PM it.
  6. Nice! I haven't been out there. Have you ever been up in Dixie Valley just beyond Fallon? That is my next trip.
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