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  1. Has anyone contacted you about this yet?
  2. I need to get me more EWU gear! Haha I’ve written EWU so many times my phone automatically recognizes it and capitalizes it! Anyway yea all I have is one long sleeve super super comfy shirt. Need some more gear!
  3. Well yea, Rooney has them locked up in his basement, and stages the pictures of Bob and Emma with their “new car”
  4. Yes keep it! Only problem is not getting notifications of replies, etc unless you come back to this site to check. Like if I had notifications pop up on my phone or something to let me know cause otherwise I forget to come back and check! But I should just try to remember to check more often!
  5. You’re sneaking into Area 51! Gonna make a video on them aliens!
  6. Still have yet to have one. Thanks to covid!! Grr. But I hope soon... when it’s safer to do so. Was bummed because I’ve been looking forward for years to be able to have holiday dinners at my house and serve my parents dinner for once, and couldn’t do that cause I didn’t wanna risk them possibly getting exposed since I worked in a high risk place at the time. Oh well. Maybe this year.
  7. Well my husband and I moved into our house in 2020 AND I got a pool!!! So that was pretty awesome! It has definitely been a roller coaster ride, but it wasn’t all bad. Just hoping 2021 is better for everyone!
  8. Thank you Bob! Things are better now than they were. Hope you all are well too!
  9. I haven’t checked it in a while, been battling some issues and had a lot going on for a bit. But I’m here and will be til it’s taken down again.
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