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  1. WOW! Reached 900k subscribers! On the road to 1 MILLION! 🎉

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    2. EWU EMZ
    3. Martin Kolesar
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      Congrats  well done 🎉🥳🍺  EWU Crew rocks 

  2. I have never talked to Marlo even once and he will not stop trying to contact me over and over again and register here on the forum. The harassment doesn't stop. Here is yet another comment he has left on our YouTube channel just a couple minutes ago. Yes, this is not creepy guy behavior at all.
  3. just finished up the next video, so another new video dropping tomorrow! 💓

    1. EWU Rooney

      EWU Rooney

      Do not forget to add the Vietnamese subtitles! 👀

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      lit *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab* *dab*

  4. And the dude even said himself he was looking for confrontation in his YouTube comment, but is surprised when a family doesn't have time to argue with him. So ironic, because it's taking his own advice of not wasting energy on "haters". Imagine looking for confrontation and acting surprised when you get blocked. I didn't want to talk to him, that just sounds SO weird. We owe you nothing, we aren't friends with you, we don't even know you, Marlo. This is turning into an unhealthy obsession. Take your own advice and move on.
  5. This post was deleted, as our content changing isn't open for debate. It's weird to even think it would be, as it's our YouTube channel. As we said in the original post, this decision is final and we aren't going to argue with anyone about it, hence why I deleted this post. We even said we were deleting comments just like this one, but when his was deleted, for some reason, it took him by complete surprise. It's creepy that someone would try to persuade a family to stay on camera when they clearly are moving on to a different type of content and already very clearly said the change was final. I want to share all the bullshit we're having to put with so I decided to reinstate this post. Marlo went completely bonkers, which is ironic, because he states in this post that we should have ignored the "weird indian nerd guy" (his words, not mine - he's referencing Mutahar, a bigger YouTube creator, who attacked us repeatedly in his livestreams). That's already weird in itself, because why does he think he can direct who we can and can't address? In addition, why does he think he can direct our channel and content? Basically, what is wrong with this guy? It's funny because his post got deleted, his account got banned, and now he's having a meltdown when nothing even really happened to him. I guess the guy can't follow his own advice. Typical. Here's some of his posts from his "Marlo2" account, so you can see just how good this guy is at "not wasting energy on haters": But he doesn't mean bye bye. What he really means, is I'm going to harass you everywhere because we followed his advice and didn't engage his attempts to argue with us about our YouTube channel. Here's one of his comments on our YouTube channel this morning. Apparently, because we didn't engage in his attempts at an argument over our YouTube channel - not his - we have big egos and we're really toxic. Our family has to make our life decisions based on the advice of an internet stranger we've never met. Sounds legit! But we're the toxic ones LMAO.
  6. Exactly! It's so weird how these people have a huge selection of exploring YouTube channels they could move onto and watch, but instead, they're going to stick around and harass a family... trying to force us to stay on camera! It's bizarre!
  7. new video dropping today 🤗💕

    1. NiallNWD


      Good to hear it Emma  I'll keep an eye on my notification on YouTube

    2. Christie


      I started it but may have to wait til the boys go to bed tonight to finish it so I can hear 😂

    3. ArcticThunder


      One question about the case. Is there a ladder mounted to the water tank or does the staff need to bring their own ladder?

  8. Thank you SO much, Jess! We don't have any plans to ever go back in front of the camera, but we will always be behind the camera! Just like in the Keddie Cabin video, we actually went there to capture our own footage and show the location the story happened! We're hoping to do that A LOT more often in future videos!
  9. There's a lot to unpack here. First of all, you're quoting where I was saying it was ridiculous for people to attack our family because we're changing our YouTube content, as if you're trying to justify people harassing us for changing our content. That's incredibly fucking weird. So, Adam... if you change jobs, should people harass you, attack you and your family, and try to research your kids... simply because you're changing jobs? Yes, EWU Rooney copied and pasted this post on the Facebook group. What exactly is wrong with that? LOL. You do realize it was posted here first? Yes, and? Your point is? We aren't allowed to run OUR channel the way we want to? We have to run it by Adamsavage79 first? LMAO. Imagine you decided to change jobs and strangers try to tell you that it's more than just a simple job change, you MUST stick to your original job! No matter HOW much you like the new job! Again, and? We aren't allowed to remove ourselves from our own channel if we wish? Do you think we're just your little pets and we need to do your bidding to entertain you? It's SO bizarre how you have this attitude where you think you can make our life decisions for us. You think you own us or something? Who do you think you are, where you can tell us what we can and can't do? If we wanted to QUIT YouTube, we couldn't quit because Adam says we can't remove ourselves from the channel? LMAO! I really don't understand your point here. There are many channels that cover the same cases, just as there are many other exploring channels. Welcome to the internet, buddy, where multiple people can cover the same subject and put their own spin on it!
  10. Comments like this are why we didn't originally bother to make a point out of explaining the new format. Some people will still be whiny cunts. Instead of just unsubscribing and moving on, they're going to stick around and complain like this is something life changing for them. Whining isn't going to change a thing. This is our new format. People like this need to get a life and move on.
  11. 😝

    1. benskev


      emma, i think your profile logo cover pic is cool.

  12. Just wanted to add to this comment - "Oasisinthedesert" has joined the forum twice leaving comments like this and even posted on Reddit bashing us. It stuns me that someone like him thinks we are his personal circus act, not a living, breathing family with our own interests and feelings. Can you imagine being a grown man treating a family like this for simply changing up their YouTube content? Oasisinthedesert (you're so obsessed, I know you're going to be reading this, Larry) - you're literally attacking a family personally for changing their YouTube content. Are you kidding me? This dude is acting like we did something to him personally. It's shameful and he should be embarrassed for acting like such a baby. Apparently, he thinks we need to cater our content to him and him specifically. Some people are so entitled that it blows my mind and makes me wonder how he would like it if we went to his business and told him how dog shit it is. I really don't think Larry would like that.
  13. working on editing the next two videos! if you guys have any topics in particular you'd like to see covered next, post them up here 🥳💓

    1. NiallNWD


      Hmmm  what about  the mystery case of The Lady of the Dunes  Emma ?

    2. benskev


      oooo do coronavirus!

  14. Hey Christie, I'm SO glad to hear you like the new content! We've been working really hard to try to improve lately! Basically, rumors started to swirl around after the new narrator voices that we were missing, someone in the family died, or someone in the family got sick. While many kind people were genuinely concerned and we really appreciated it, a very small segment of toxic people decided to start harassing us as they also believed we were dealing with a family tragedy. The internet can be a very sick place at times. We remove all the comments pertaining to these changes because the small segment of toxic people will start to bandwagon under them, harassing us, demanding to know who the new narrators are, or insulting the new narrators and demanding us to be back when that will not be happening. The last thing I would ever think to do is start harassing someone, insulting them, and targeting their children if I thought something was seriously wrong, but alas, there are some very disturbed individuals in the world who feel very entitled. Regardless of the toxic people on the internet, we really appreciate the people who really cared and wanted to make sure we were okay.
  15. Lately, we've gotten a lot of questions asking us what happened to us. Are we missing!? Did we die!? Did someone get sick!? Most people are simply genuinely concerned about us and want to make sure we're okay. A huge thank you to you guys for caring. Others, however, think something horrible has happened to us and decided the perfect thing to do is start harassing us as they believe we're dealing with something horrible. Some of them have even taken it upon themselves to start doing "research", including on the children of the family. Sounds totally normal. Luckily, the majority of people aren't ANYTHING like THIS... Because if one of us died or got terribly sick, internet harassment would be SO nice to deal with. Luckily, we are okay, but I can only imagine how horrible it would be to deal with this type of harassment if we were dealing with a personal tragedy as some actually think. The simple answer is we are perfectly fine and the channel is just changing its content. Not everyone will like the content and that's fine, it's your personal preference. If you don't enjoy it, we completely understand, but that's the direction we are heading in and won't be going back to the old content ... sorry! We LOVE creating this content and the answer is no, the channel will never be back to old-style exploring. We changed our content because we LOVE making this type of content, MUCH MORE than the old content. The good news is there are plenty of awesome exploring channels for you to enjoy around YouTube. But who are the new narrators!? The new narrators will not be disclosed as we believe in respecting people's privacy. We did not enjoy narrating, so we have others doing it now and they do a fantastic job. Why was my comment insulting the new narrators/asking who they are/asking why the change removed!? We don't want our narrators to see insults aimed towards them, that isn't very nice. Again, we also respect their privacy. We have been also removing comments asking about the change because we will never be going back to the old content and we don't have time to answer every single comment about this. We are also not going to be arguing with people about it, it's a decision we have made after much consideration and discussion and it's final. The comments also aren't pertinent to the video. But your Instagram/Twitter is gone! Our Instagram account was closed up months ago before the content change. Anyone who followed me on Twitter knows we hated Twitter and that's why we closed our Twitter accounts. We simply don't like social media and find it to be a boring time sink. We want to focus on making videos. Believe it or not, we didn't start a YouTube channel to blow up our egos, but instead out of a love of making videos. The first two years and 300,000 + subscribers of the channel, we never showed ourselves, only my Dad's voice could ever be heard. We make videos because it's fun, we DO NOT WANT TO BE STARS, nor are we stars as some seem to think. We are just a normal family who enjoys spending time together and making content for YouTube. We want to make the best content we possibly can, and that means having top notch voice acting. Like I said above, we didn't enjoy recording voiceovers and weren't happy with how they sounded. We want to make the best videos we possibly can, so instead, we changed narrators. We are constantly striving to improve our videos. Like I said, we didn't do this for ego, so if improving the content means cutting ourselves out of the equation, then so be it. Wow, the editing is SO trash now! That's funny, we are still editing our own videos as we always have in the same exact style. We hired someone to edit one video and weren't happy with it, so we're back to editing our own. Are you ever coming back!? I'm unsubscribing! No, we will never be "coming back". Not everyone will enjoy the new content, and as said earlier, that's fine. There's plenty of exploring channels for you to enjoy. Please feel free to unsubscribe if you don't enjoy the new content, we would do the same, so no hate intended!
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