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  1. EWU Emma


    Thank you so much, @its_b_ya_digg! Here's the link to our merch! https://teespring.com/stores/explore-with-us
  2. Thank you very much for your concern, Bill, we really appreciate it!
  3. Have any missing persons cases you'd like to see us cover next? Post your suggestions here!
  4. What is up, EWU Crew? Today, we are covering the case of Karlie Guse. Watch this story in video form here: https://youtu.be/vSvVkGqD6m0 On the morning of October 13th, 2018, the stepmother of 16-year-old Karlie Lain Guse awoke to every parent's personal nightmare. The door of her Mono County, California home was slightly ajar, and her stepdaughter was nowhere to be found. Karlie Lain Guse was never seen again. She completely vanished without a trace. As the case began to unfold, the insane events leading to Karlie's disappearance were revealed, and for many, the bigger picture t
  5. What is up, EWU Crew! Today, we’re going to talk about a super convoluted story that’s been dubbed the “Pike County Massacre”. It happened a few years ago back in April of 2016, in a tiny town in Ohio. Watch this in video format here: https://youtu.be/10wvSgh4uf4 When Bobby Jo Manley arrived at her former brother-in-law Christopher Rhoden, Sr.’s home on the morning of April 22nd, she found it odd that his two pit bulls were outside his trailer. Normally, they were kept inside. Things got even weirder when she turned the handle of the front door and found that it had been locked.
  6. What is up, EWU Crew? Today, we are going to be covering five missing person cases across the United States that end with the victims being discovered under unusual circumstances. So, buckle up because these stories come with a twist. Watch this in video format here: https://youtu.be/p38Pj0p1XsU #5: Harley Dilly Our first story revolves around the disappearance of 14-year-old Harley Dilly. Harley was your average neighborhood teenager—he would spend time with his friends, watch sports games, and fawn over the girls in his school. Harley had ADHD, high-functioning autism, and
  7. Yeah, it's unfortunate that people feel the need to make up rumors, but it is what it is! Hopefully this post will clear up all the misinformation and confusion about it all!
  8. !!! WOW! The channel is going crazy! 1 million subscribers INCOMING! 🥳


    1. ArcticThunder


      C'mon 1 million... 👍

    2. The Area 51 Rider

      The Area 51 Rider

      I am so jealous.. 😞


    3. NiallNWD


      This going to be one heck of the achievement 

  9. SO excited to share the upcoming videos with you guys! Never had THIS much fun making content before! 🥰🎉💞

    1. ArcticThunder


      We're EWUaiting patiently! 🤗

  10. New video dropping today on the main channel! This next one is SUPER CREEPY!

  11. Working on the next video and another video for the Spanish channel! 🎉💕😊

    1. randolphb


      whats the story on the dog?

    2. Andrew Ward

      Andrew Ward

      QUALITY!! Didn't know you had a Spanish Channel.

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