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  1. That's pretty ironic considering she said we "make up all kinds of bogus information"... LOL.
  2. LMAO sounds like someone is afraid all the nasty posts he's been making under fake accounts are finally coming to light. Can you be any more obvious, Christian? We see you lurking on the thread, you aren't sneaky. Why can't you just own up to all the nasty things you've been up to and say you'll stop and leave people alone? You made this mess yourself, now deal with it like a WORKIN' MAN!
  3. Also, I gotta add, we most definitely did NOT capture any video footage of this extremely disturbing and tragic find and there will be no video.
  4. People always ask us if we've ever found a dead body and we always said no and we hope to never find one. But sadly, now we have. Last night, we went for a walk in the desert and noticed a man sitting in a red truck. He wouldn't look at us as we drove by, just looked down and seemed to be shuffling through his belongings. We thought it was odd but continued on our walk and nothing was out of the ordinary. Tonight, we went back to the same spot for a walk. This time, though, something seemed very wrong when we drove by. The truck hadn't moved an inch and was still sitting in the same exact spot. It was 4:00 in the evening and the guy appeared to be sleeping. We wanted to make sure he was okay so we circled around and drove by again, but we still couldn't tell if he was alright... but we did notice his head was leaning back, his mouth was wide open, and it looked like blood was crusting down out of his nose. With my little sisters and brother, we didn't exactly want to get a super close look at someone we thought could possibly be dead, and thankfully we didn't. We called the cops and sadly, our suspicions were confirmed. We have no idea how he passed away. The only thing we know is there's also a creepy white Toyota Tacoma that was parked no more than 10 feet away behind it, and it's also been sitting there since yesterday. This just goes to show if you see something you think is out of the ordinary, you should probably trust your gut. Also, need to add that this is a pretty popular walking, off roading, etc. area, so it's not in the middle of nowhere as it appears. It's about 10 miles away from a large city, and the Sheriff's department is about 2 miles away on a paved road. So it's not like we are just leaving people stranded in the middle of nowhere!
  5. For those who aren't aware, there is a current Twitter & YouTube war between h3h3 & Keemstar. I'm curious what you guys think. Thoughts? Here's a link to h3h3's video:
  6. No tea, just got bored of it and I'm taking a break! I always log back in only to get bored of Twitter again after a month or so.
  7. Hi, Emma!

    Id like to create my blog with your videos in Russian translation. I have a completed video with translation.

    I have never made such video before and it is my first try. Whether there are any rules to have such blog, I d want to know them.

    My speaking of English not much fluent, but my listening is good. If you have Russian friends, they may check my working  accurately.

  8. Definitely! Not going to say how I know exactly, but I'm positive. He keeps visiting and refreshing the page, it's kinda funny!
  9. I see Christian is watching this thread right now. He keeps refreshing it. Why doesn't he just man up and say he'll leave us ALL alone and we'll leave him alone? There's a pretty simple way to end all of this.
  10. Sadly, as far as we know, there have been no updates and Nic is still missing. The last I heard from Austin, he was flipping his lid angry over our video on Nic.
  11. Strangely enough, as soon as I posted it here in the thread suspecting it was Christian, whoever was behind it immediately deleted it. Too obvious...
  12. Wow, it seems Christian sure loves impersonating people. How strange that he immediately jumps to sexualizing his own underage son. The irony is these are the same comments we get aimed towards my underage sisters from suspicious accounts we suspect are Adventures with Christian (just like the "Ewu Bob" account posted earlier in the thread).
  13. Wow! That's identical to the "Ewu Bob" account (before he must have seen this thread, panicked, and deleted it), down to the childish insults and horrible spelling. He reminds me of a middle school kid. In his mind, he's dishing out sick burns, but everyone else is kinda like...
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