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  1. Here's another great one. Isn't it lovely how whenever someone says extremely rude, they add "no offense" after?
  2. I couldn't say it better myself! I got some comments on our videos at the Salton Sea criticizing my choice of wearing a crop top. Well, hello, it's BOILING HOT in the summer in southern California!
  3. That's SO awesome, @Ms Bellatrixza! I know I would love to see your Australian explorations, so if you do decide to record them, be sure to share them! What kind of stuff do you guys have to explore there and which 4wd vehicles are you looking into?
  4. Got this comment on Instagram. First of all, you'd have to be completely oblivious to not figure out it's probably me mainly running it (unless @EWU Bob has started using a bunch of emojis). Second of all, that's our only IG account, but even if I had my own, what do people like this think is gonna happen? Whatever happened to, I don't know, talking to someone like they're a NORMAL PERSON?
  5. Yeah, we've been to all these locations and haven't been shot yet, what the heck!? We must be the luckiest explorers on the planet!
  6. Awesome, let us know if you caught anything on the trail cam!
  7. Exactly what I think about this case based on what we've dug up. I think he must have been meeting someone online. If you look into his online presence based on his handle "obserien", he was really into furry culture. Kinda strange that the anime cat girl picture in his car would be ripped up, though, but definitely seems like he was meeting up with someone...
  8. The thing that stuck out to me the most is back when we were livestreaming with Austin and Nic, they would CONSTANTLY message us asking to hang out. Like, practically every single day. Next thing you know, as soon as Nic disappeared, Austin was extremely difficult to get ahold of. He also didn't seem too keen on searching together. He agreed, of course, but it didn't feel like he really wanted to... and this was someone who was messaging us every day over the late summer wanting to hang out. I don't know, maybe he was scared to go back to the area where Nic vanished? Just seems off.
  9. Sounds good, can't wait to see some pictures! That sucks it's locked with gates and fences, but definitely still cool! I always hate finding an awesome location and it turns out to be blocked off! That actually happened recently, an awesome historic building we found was gated off due to vandals.
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