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  1. How is everyone? Sorry that I not posted much. My wife's lift broke 15 month ago so we been stuck in 1 room in all that time. They going 2 replace it in a few days & it's a good week 2 do. So I been busy clearing out the rooms so they got space to work plus I've got to do everything on my own and I still been working 16 hour days so feeling very depressed and tired.

    Im still scouting out places 2 visit and asking different folk that I know are near by. I fount a urbex site forum so hopefully I'll be able 2 explore & share my findings soon. 

    1. NiallNWD


      I'm doing great Spida, thanks for asking.


    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Sorry to hear about your wife's lift, hope it's replaced by now. 

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