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  1. Welcome to the community
  2. Here's my favourite place to go and chill out for a bit. It's called blithfeild reservoir, it was opened by our Queen Elizabeth 1
  3. Hi guy's, I knew about this place and it's very close to my home so I decided to go there for a visit. Sadly the museum wasn't open but I will keep checking. Letocetum is the ancient remains of a Roman settlement. It was an important military staging post and posting station near the junction of Watling Street, the Roman military road to north Wales, and Icknield (or Ryknild) Street (now the A38). The site is now within the parish of Wall, Staffordshire, England. It is owned and run by the National Trust, under the name Letocetum Roman Baths Site & Museum. The site is in the guardianship of English Heritage as Wall Roman Site. The Romans came to Letocetum in 50 CE to establish a fortress during the early years of the invasion of Britain. The land could not support large numbers of soldiers and Letocetum, at an important cross-roads, became a large scale posting station. The settlement developed with successive bath houses and mansiones built to serve the official travellers as well as the growing civilian population. It is known mainly from detailed excavations in 1912–13, which concentrated on the sites of the mansio and bath-house, but there is evidence of a substantial settlement with possible basilica, temples, and amphitheatre. The remains visible today are those of the stone bath house and mansio, built in approximately 130 CE after Letocetum ceased to have a military function and became a civilian settlement. The settlement reached its peak during the 2nd and 3rd centuries and at this time occupied 8.1–12 hectares (20–30 acres). At the end of the 3rd century, the town relocated within high defensive walls astride Watling Street. After the Romans left early in the 5th century the settlement went into decline. The modern village of Wall emerged in the land once occupied by Letocetum. I took you guy's some pics, some you will need to click on or zoom in to read the plaques.
  4. Thanks bud, please do and hope other's will join you in posting pics.
  5. Here's chartley Castle, it's not far from Stafford in the uk. Some interesting history about this but I'll save that for a proper thread.
  6. Weather permitting I'll be off to take some pics of some roman remains tomorrow 🙂

  7. @EWU Rooney I was just off the A51, just near to rugeley. I'm in the uk bud.
  8. Was out having a drive with the wife and saw a windmill in the distance, I just had to be nosey and managed to take a couple of pics. Sadly I couldn't get any nearer. Just wondering if you go past just odd things and please post pics ect
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    Welcome to the community
  10. Welcome to the community
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