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  1. Hi everyone. Just checking in!!! I hope you all are doing good! 

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    2. Christie


      We're good here too! I hope you're all doing well. ❤

    3. BigC


      All good here, hope everything is good with you. Stay safe thanks for checking in ❤️

    4. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Doing good here Brandi, thank you for checking in. 

  2. @EWU Bob there is a gag order in place so hopefully in the next few weeks or months there will be more information.
  3. I am so sad and sick to my stomach. I hope this woman gets what she deserves. This innocent precious little boy to have done to him whatever it is she did, no child deserves. I pray for Gannon and his family. I am disgusted. No wonder the piece of crap wouldn’t face the camera when she did her interview. I hope she rots in hell. This woman just ruined the families lives and for what. People are sick
  4. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I may not be on here as much as I usually am for the next few weeks or more. Since the last time I went MIA I promised I wouldn’t let that happen again, so I’m letting you guys know not to worry! I’m dealing with a few things and I’ll be back when I get it situated. I hope you all have a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll pop in every now and again when I can!! 

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      alright NP! hope everything is ok.  

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      Thanks for letting us know, Brandi. Sending hugs and prayers 🤗🙏

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      Thanks for the heads up , hope everything is okay. Miss ya already 😊

  5. @The Area 51 Rider Very interesting. It makes more sense to me now. Thank you for the information!
  6. @marlonmueller21@hotmail.de You state and I quote “Second thing: ask yourself, if you disappear and reappear and smash the people who were wondering about you, actually care about you, would you smash these people public?! Not even in a 1 to 1 conversation. This guy is a c in my eyes and not without reason”.... So I ask you, you disappear and reappear would you “smash” ( whatever that means) the people that actually was worried about you publicly, how would you respond? That’s exactly what the guy did. EWU tried contacting him, his responses were short and rude and then he does a livestream and acts like he doesn’t even know EWU. One thing you obviously don’t know about this crew is we stick together and we run deep. EWU truly was worried about this guy and his dad. If you think that it’s all about bashing people publicly then you don’t know the EWU CREW. Your opinion is your opinion, everyone has them, but check the facts before you throw your two cents. I guarantee if you were in the position, you would appreciate the platform EWU has to make a missing person case more aware to others. They have helped solve one case. Also, and I say this to everyone, if you don’t like the content then don’t watch it. If you would like to have a conversation about this 1 on 1, reply. Have a nice day
  7. @Darzen Rodrigues it is very sad. I just don’t understand, blood isn’t always what makes a family. If this woman has helped raise him for 2 years, you would think she would love Gannon as her own. She sounds to me that she’s lost her s*** and something really bad happened. I’m not making excuses for this scumbag but she looks like she’s crazy. It’s all about the eyes. You can tell when someone is a dead soul. Their eyes look dark and dead. They don’t sparkle or seem to have any life behind them. This case really really is bothering me. I’ve had friends I lost touch with that had kids when we were younger that I still think about and hope their doing good. I just don’t get killing your stepson. If she did...... But then I’m thinking why isn’t she talking? Where is he? The hike sticks out to me that they went on the day before. I think she was staking out possible areas wherever they hiked. I kinda know it’ll be a bad outcome but I’m staying hopeful that maybe he hated her so much he ran away. Idk
  8. That certain cry every child has when they get hurt, every parent knows that cry and you drop everything to see what’s wrong. I could never ever ever hurt my children or anyone else’s children. This story pulls at my heart strings.
  9. @EWU Bob I agree with you. I thought of Chris Watts as well. This woman talks as if she’s worried yet knows she had something to do with it. I can’t get those case off my mind. I’m praying he ran away after all. I just can’t imagine what his family is going through. People are selfish and heartless at times. The audio recording the step mom did was weird and you could hear the pain and how scared he was. This is horrible.
  10. On January 27th, 2020 Letecia Stauch- Stepmother of Gannon Stauch reported the 11 year old boy missing. Letecia told police that Gannon had left the home to go to a friends house between the hours of 3:15pm and 4pm on January 27th. After 3 days Gannon Stauch went from being considered a runaway to missing and endanger because I’d his age and because he had medication to take everyday. Letecia made several appearances on camera asking that Gannon come home. Letecia has stated that they cleaned the garage out, Gannon cut his foot on tools from his dads woodworking hobby. Letecia said she bandaged it up and he was good to go The next day, Letecia stated that she and Gannon went hiking on January 26th. The 27th Letecia said they went to a store and that was the last time she saw Gannon was when he left to go to a friends house. A neighbor of Letecia came forward on February 4th with video evidence from a doorbell camera, which showed Letecia get into a red pickup truck, back it up into her driveway and park. She gets out of the truck and you see Gannon getting into the back seat Letecia gets back into the truck and drive away. The camera shows Letecia return after 4 hours or so without Gannon. Letecia is now caught for lying to everyone about her timeline. Letecia has been arrested. Gannon Stauch has still yet to be found. There are so many details to this case. I will leave a couple of links that you can look at if you would like. Let’s oray for Gannon and his family. Just to for-warn you, there are audio recordings of Letecia and Gannon bear the last days of him being seen. It is very difficult to listen to, for me at least. No one should have to go through this. https://abcnews.go.com/US/disappearance-gannon-stauch-timeline-case/story?id=69052881 https://krdo.com/news/top-stories/2020/03/06/gannon-stauchs-father-files-for-divorce-after-stepmother-arrested-for-murder/
  11. This gave me goosebumps. Amazing story. See some people think homeless people are dangerous but they are people just like you and me. Sure there are dangerous people in the world, homeless or not. This is a good story to remind those, don’t judge a book by its cover.
  12. I LOVE all of these stories. That kitten is adorable! The Indian Fusion Curry House, wow! I wish more places would follow their footsteps! 6 beautiful sisters get to stay together thanks to 1 selfless, big hearted woman. The two men helping their neighbor and started a charity for elderly and disabled to single parents, we need more people like this in our world. Love love love!!
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