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  1. Congratulations on the baby boy! I am so happy for you. Now I can send my gift! Lol. I’m glad Momma EWU and baby EWU are healthy. What a joy to have a new member!
  2. Something good that happened to me in 2020 is I got myself and my children away from a really bad relationship that I was in for 16 years. I’ve started life completely over. I was with the same man since I was 19 so my entire adult life I was under someone else’s rules and not my own. Life is good. It’s challenging but it could be worse! I’m so ready for 2021 though! Let this be a good year! We all need it and deserve it!
  3. Hello everyone! Merry Belated Christmas! I hope you all are doing well and had a great holiday! 

  4. Hello Brandi R 🖐🏻

  5. Welcome back Brandi, I hope you're going good. 

  6. Hi! Long time no talk! Hope all is well!

    1. Christie


      Hey girl! I'm good, hope you are too 😊

    2. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      Pretty good. Well getting there but mostly good! 😂

    3. Christie


      That's good to hear! I mean, I definitely need to get out more, especially now, but I'm still good. 😂

  7. Hi everyone! I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on here! I am doing ok. I will keep this short. I recently have moved and basically started life over with my children. It’s been a rough ride but we’re doing better than we ever have before. If any of you who talk to me a lot on here have any questions, feel free to message me directly! 

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    2. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      Thank you all for your kind words. I’m sorry I’m just now seeing the responses. I take it 1 day at a time but each day that goes by, things get a little easier! I hope you all are doing good and staying healthy!! 

    3. BigC


      How are you doing @Brandi R hope you are well and healthy. 

    4. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      I am actually doing great! I’m sorry I’m just now getting back to you. How are you doing? Are you recouped now?! I hope your doing well also!

  8. @Brandi R hope you're doing well.

    1. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      @ArcticThunder hello! Thank you for checking! I am doing good. I’ll make a status update to kind of share what’s been going on!

  9. Hi everyone. Just checking in!!! I hope you all are doing good! 

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    2. Christie


      We're good here too! I hope you're all doing well. ❤

    3. BigC


      All good here, hope everything is good with you. Stay safe thanks for checking in ❤️

    4. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Doing good here Brandi, thank you for checking in. 

  10. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I may not be on here as much as I usually am for the next few weeks or more. Since the last time I went MIA I promised I wouldn’t let that happen again, so I’m letting you guys know not to worry! I’m dealing with a few things and I’ll be back when I get it situated. I hope you all have a great and safe St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll pop in every now and again when I can!! 

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    2. dragonking12


      alright NP! hope everything is ok.  

    3. Christie


      Thanks for letting us know, Brandi. Sending hugs and prayers 🤗🙏

    4. BigC


      Thanks for the heads up , hope everything is okay. Miss ya already 😊

  11. Happy Birthday Esme!!! 🎈🎉

  12. You have excellent taste. I just love Fenton Burmese Satin Glass Optic. Here are a few more pieces.

    markf_9_35_01 PM.jpg

    markf_9_36_17 PM.jpg

    markf_9_37_23 PM.jpg

    markf_9_38_05 PM.jpg

    markf_9_38_41 PM.jpg

    markf_9_39_42 PM.jpg

    1. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      Thank you. Those are all beautiful. I love them! I’ve never heard of these but I’m definitely going to look into them. 

    2. SirMarkFrederick


      You can find a lot of Fenton in ( OVER PRICED ) in Antique Shops. Ebay sells a lot of them. Be sure to look at ALL pictures very carefully. I hate to insult people, BUT there are some very..........ignorant people on Ebay that do not know the value of what they have. You can usually tell by the crappy pictures they take. Or, sad to say, someone Elderly like myself, who just needs money quick and sells low. Search term, Fenton Burmese Satin Glass. I could write a book about these. AND THEN THERE IS Limoges ! (lē-mōzh′). This Is the only Limoges I have left. But it is HUGE ! There are just so many to collect from Nippon is another. I used to have a huge Curio Cabinet FILLED with jewels, porcelain works of art. All gone but for a few. I'll have to take pictures of the two Fentons I have left.



  13. How are you doing Carl? I know you had said you were in the wheelchair still last we had talked about it, are you any closer to being out of it?

    1. BigC


      Hi @Brandi RI’m doing better I’m in and out of the wheelchair I can walk around with a cane but not very far it’s just going to take more time, I’m getting so tired of not being able to do normal things. Thank you for asking I’m in therapy I have about 3 hours a week. But I need more and I’m staying at my parents and there is no room for me to walk around so I’m moving into my sisters soon and there’s a lot of room. 

    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Great to hear you're able to get out of the wheelchair Carl, that's a big step in the right direction. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you, but it sounds like you're making a lot of progress! 

    3. Brandi R

      Brandi R

      @BigC Hi Carl! I’m so happy for you that your able to get out of the wheelchair. Like @EWU Bob said, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it is for you too. I know it stinks but it’ll get better. Just remember one day at a time and hopefully soon you will be all done with it. I also think it’s great you have family to help you, who would be around just Incase you needed help. Thinking of you and hoping you get back on your feet soon!!!! Keep up the good work with therapy and walking when you can!!!!

  14. You all are the nicest, greatest people and I am honored to be able to be a part of this community. You guys are so kind for worrying about me. I am ok and I will not go MIA again! You all are the best!!! 💕

    1. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      We're all happy knowing you're okay Brandi. 🙂❤️

  15. 🎈Happy Birthday StarDancer 1994!!

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