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  1. I know you know this but I’m going to I tell you, it’s not your fault you have skeezy people after you. The fat comments are probably from the skeezy guys girlfriends. Jealous!!
  2. I have had a weird phobia or fear, I don’t know what to call it! Anyway, I’ve had this fear of things falling off the wall or off the ceiling. I’ve had this fear since I was a child. Big TVs hanging on the wall, cabinets, hanging microwaves, ceiling fans. It’s really weird I know. I don’t know why I have this fear. I went to Costco and almost wanted to crawl into a fetal position and hide! The tall pallets of big boxes up on high shelves. I made it through the store though. And of course i have kitchen cabinets and TVs on the walls. It’s just sometimes I panic but it’s getting better!
  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jekyll!!!!
  4. My last birthday. I went to kick a ball to my son and I obviously didn’t kick right. Broke my second to last toe on my right foot. First broken bone I ever had in my life. The toe was Looked down said “ oh my god oh my god” and then “ my toe is pointing to the right”! I had it yanked and placed back in and taped. A week later had a X-ray and it was fully broken. I walked on it broken until it fixed its self!
  5. Awnacletus, I was responding to Emma about a incident they were involved in. I would think that if EWU stayed they had a gun to protect themselves ( in which they didn’t even have a weapon on them) that they would have permits to carry and conceal. I don’t know what state they were in at the time. I never said anyone can carry guns anywhere. It was a response to Emma. But I will say I am all for being cautious and prepared under the laws of owning guns so if that’s what the issue is then I don’t know what else to say.
  6. 🎈Happy Birthday StarDancer 1994!!

  7. So this “The Shape” guy is ordering professional masks? Or at least that’s what comes up with his name?
  8. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!
  9. I was sent home from a cesarean, newborn in the NICU, and my stitches opened. I was rushed to the ER, the security saw me walking in and they jumped to out bullet proof vests on because they thought I was shot. Blood was pouring out through my shirt. I had a infection from the cesarean, which was spreading to my heart with a blood clot traveling in the same direction. They said if I didn’t come in when I did, another hour and I would have been dead. I knew something wasn’t right before I was ever released initially. I kept telling them my stomach was hot and it was painful. No one ever followed up with though. Then at home I started hallucinating and I thought I was holding my baby but he was still in the NICU. The infection was the cause of all of it.
  10. I always say “ I know it’s a horrible habit” because so many people want to lecture about smoking!
  11. Thank you! Reading the sentences started giving me the creeps. I had to stop reading it. I could be overreacting but I don’t like how he’s had issues with EWU and then the names in his stories are Bob or Bo and stuff about so and so’s daughter. It’s just weird.
  12. Dude! Did you notice how a lot of the names he used was Bob or Bo? That’s really freaky crap. @EWU Bob
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