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  1. January, February, Quarantine, December 👀

  2. Welcome to the community @Winnie

  3. New EWU video out now on YouTube! The Final Phone Call of Missing Girl Reveals Killer's Voice: The Disturbing Case of Amber Tuccaro

    1. ArcticThunder


      Sad case. In Canada an official inquiry into three decades of thousands of missing or/and murdered Indigenous women have been attributed to inactions  of officials, rooted in colonialism and colonial ideologies. The report went on saying that these atrocities is a form genocide.


      Although I am predominantly French I have Algonquin blood in me. I detest how the Native population have been treated. Thank you EWU for bringing these crimes to the forefront. 

  4. 😭


    1. GravityAlwaysWinsssss


      Use Yahoo answers next time, I really recommend it.

  5. New EXPLORE WITH US video out now on YouTube! The Disappearance of Susan Powell: Chilling 911 Call. Go watch now!

  6. New video dropped: Chilling 911 Call Reveals Horrific Scene of the Pike County Massacre! Today, we're covering the chilling true crime story of the Pike County murders, also known as the Pike County massacre


    1. Andrew Ward

      Andrew Ward

      Frederica Wagner is behind those losing their jobs or getting suspended in law enforcement.

  7. New feature on Twitter! 

  8. New EWU CREW video on the SECOND channel: 7 True Scary UFO Horror Stories

    1. ArcticThunder


      I enjoy these stories a great deal.

      Having had my driver's license removed from me for a sleep disorder (hallucinate while driving) I feel that some but not all, can be attributed to lucid dreaming. To this day all the events I experienced seemed so real. Automatic driving happens to all of us, couple that with being tired and God only knows what can happen.

      Keep sending those stories. 👍👍

  9. New EWU video out now on YouTube! The Most Disturbing Story You've NEVER Heard Of: SACHS FAMILY MURDER


  10. New EXPLORE WITH US video dropped!  5 Strangest National Park Disappearances NO ONE Can Explain: Missing 411


    1. ArcticThunder


      Freakin awesome!

  11. New EWU CREW video on the second channel: 5 Scary True Camping Horror Stories! Watch it on YouTube!

    1. ArcticThunder


      Enjoyed this video a great deal. The mysterious photographer was my favourite. 👍👍

  12. Oklahoma Girl Scout Muders


    New video dropped! Today, we're covering the horrifying true crime story of the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders

    1. NiallNWD


      Such a sad case , RIP for the three girls having to go through all that 


  13. New video dropped! Today, we're covering the Lagomarsino Canyon murders! 

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