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  1. Yeah, it’s not true. Plot twist: it’s true
  2. Please could you tell me if Im a patreon here still or not. 

  3. January, February, Quarantine, December 👀

  4. Welcome to the community @Winnie

  5. New EWU video out now on YouTube! The Final Phone Call of Missing Girl Reveals Killer's Voice: The Disturbing Case of Amber Tuccaro

    1. ArcticThunder


      Sad case. In Canada an official inquiry into three decades of thousands of missing or/and murdered Indigenous women have been attributed to inactions  of officials, rooted in colonialism and colonial ideologies. The report went on saying that these atrocities is a form genocide.


      Although I am predominantly French I have Algonquin blood in me. I detest how the Native population have been treated. Thank you EWU for bringing these crimes to the forefront. 

  6. 😭


    1. GravityAlwaysWinsssss


      Use Yahoo answers next time, I really recommend it.

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