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  1. Tell Bob I say hi darlin in redneck accent

  2. Welcome @jeangrey4x4

    1. jeangrey4x4


      Thank you!! I stumbled across EWU YouTube channel, and needless to say I am hooked! I have been watching so many videos the last few days. I used to live in Humboldt County, NV and seeing how many abandoned places and mysterious disappearances have occurred there is spooky!! 

  3. Welcome to the EWU community @The wou

  4. Well the green screen does look incredibly fake most of the times
  5. Welcome @Timetraveler! You will unlock certain things, like emojis, the more you use the forum
  6. Welcome @Dvldog0317

    1. Dvldog0317


      For the Chevy cavalier have Bob check the vin # on the driver side window in the lower right hand corner of the windshield. He could also have the local police check it out that's too new of a car to be out in the middle of know where even for a survival cabin and such if I didnt have too many v.a. appointments I would travel to that location from Georgia in my truck.  I would put my tracking skills let alone my investigations skills put to great use.  Semper Fidelis and be safe.



  7. It look like something straight out of a Indiana Jones movie
  8. Wow, what a cool finding @That other Dave! So full of history!
  9. Welcome @mtnsnakeman

    1. mtnsnakeman


      My kids and I love the video's you all post. We are into off roading , rock hounding, fishing , exploring. We recently took a rock hounding trip with the club and turned it into a exploring trip up to a abandon ghost town called New Idria, in San Benito County, Ca. Thanks for the add. Gary C.🤠

  10. Welcome to the community @Bman!

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