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Thank you so much for allowing Deorr's story to be shared. I consider myself a non family supporting Advocate for Baby Deorr and plan to see this case thru till the end. I have created a website for all of his case facts with, a bio of his story, timelines, news coverages, videos/documentaries, pics, facts and more. Nothing on this site is theories, instead...it is all just plain facts, which indeed focusus on his parents as suspects as there really isnt any other way of seeing things. 9 failed polys total between mom and dad, a failed poly on the grandmother etc. The grandfather and his friend are being pointed at by the parents...but to be honest, I believe the friend was planned to be the scape goat. It is my firm belief that it was a covered up accident and the camping trip in the forest was a way to use the, he disappeared thing.
Please visit his site to learn more or even message me for more. Justiceforbabydeorr.com ❤spacer.png

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