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  1. Hey guys! First, my daughter and i, are huge fans! Weve watched your content from the start! Love your content. New and old. While watching your vids, i couldnt help thinking of a pretty horrific kidnapping, murder, and small town controversy that happened in my home town. The kidnapping and murder of 17 yr old Steve Berry in 2000, in the town of Glendive, MT. Unfortunately, things up this way, dont get the attention they deserve. Its thought that this end of the state is apparently only occupied by cows and sheep. Nothing interesting ever happens here....This case begs to differ. This young man was kidnapped, not only once, but twice. The second kidnapping resulting in the torture and his subsequent death. First reported as missing, a search was conducted for Steve, and eventually the murder investigation. There were several teens and young adults involved. Alot of them being let off with slaps on the wrist. The story of the crime itself, is unreal and horrid. But some prominent last names involved among the offending group, politics, controversy, and conspiracy, gave many a sense that justice was not served. Something that bothers quite a few folks. Something that bothers many of us that lived there and know or have run into alot of the people involved, too, is that after the charges, and then trial were laid out and done, nothing more was ever really heard. Many people were left thinking..."huh?" There was even an occassion when one of the main perps in the case, was later hailed as a hero, for a supposed act of selflessness and bravery, a few years later, as told by a front page article in the local paper. Again...Prominent last names. I have never heard of anyone, covering this case. There have been a couple murders around here, that have made their ways onto true crime shows. None of which, have half as many odd or seemingly coincidental occurrences as this. This is never talked about. Its been virtually forgotten....By some. By most. I believe you could give it some of the attention it deserves. Nodoby even says.."Hey, remember that kid that was kidnapped twice, tortured, beaten, lit on fire, and shot by that group of spoiled kids over a "supposed" small amount of drugs and baseball cards?" Yeah... Because hardly anyone does. Id looove to see you cover it in one of your episodes. Put a voice to a case and a young man that were just tucked away, to keep up a good image. Even if its just other readers who decide to look it up from reading this...Its more attention tgan it was ever really given. Thanks EWU Crew, for being you, with all you do! Look forward to seeing more from yall!
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