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  1. I can't believe how I could've missed this as I watch every single video of you guys. I was wondering what had happened, and what had happened to your voices and I was genuinely worried and decided to check last video with you in it and that was a great idea. I guess it's because I was mostly just watching and didn't get involved in much conversation as I tend to be introverted and anxious. Such a relief that you guys are ok though. I love your new content and tbh I love true crime videos just as much as exploring ones (not just of you, it's just in general something I'm interested in). I must admit, the quality of the content you're putting on your channel now is just exquisite. Sometimes your videos are even more insightful than documentaries I've watched on the tv. And I love that you're doing updates when you find out about new clues. Keep up the good work.
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