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    Hi guys

    I love your channel either way. I was afraid you were going to get hurt sometimes. The suspense was probably why some are not liking your new direction. I have to admit I seen some of those comments. I couldn't believe people were bold enough to write things like that in public comments. I don't blame you for thinking about your families safety first. I do hope from time to time you might do a live broadcast. Dad and daughter commenting on videos and drama in general. You guys remind me of myself and my youngest step daughter. We have a good time commenting on people's stupidity and cracking jokes. She will be 29 next month. I miss those days. However people change and life marches forward. No job, business or amount of money is worth your family putting up with any form of harassment. Praying for you all to continue to prosper and be safe and happy. Bennie Chadwick a big fan
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