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  1. Thanks Drew, We will see. I am kind of a Woos when it comes to dogs. I am still grieving my last. I will definitely post when I do get another.
  2. My Friend Dennis. So nice to see you. I believe it is Lincoln county. Part of it may be another county but I havent looked at the map lately.
  3. Thanks. It sounds like a place I need to visit this coming spring. Thanks for that. When were you there ?
  4. Has anyone spent time in this area. I might want to check it out in person. I'm hunting down some clues a friend gave me to find an old geological site. https://goo.gl/maps/khekkwUyb5V9szL98 Regards from Ody Slim
  5. Hey Dennis, Thank you for the nice advise. You are so right. If you want a pet, fill out the paperwork then stand in line. The next available dog is brought out and that is what you get. The poor old dog ( like me ) wont get left behind.
  6. Hope you are doing well brother! 

    1. Ody Slim

      Ody Slim

       Hey Dennis,  Thank You. I am well. Winter is going to be closing out soon. That automatically makes me happy. I see you are happy living in your truck. Pretty ladies sending you cookies and other gifts. How is your life going?

    2. Dennis78382


      No complaints sir. Life has its ups and downs no matter where you live. Fortunately where I live has four wheels and a spare so I just roll with it. See what I did there buddy? 😂

  7. Hey Guys & Gals. I just ran across this portable water filter on Amazon. I might ad it to my list of items to buy. Its called the Survivor Pro-X. From Amazon. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/PRO-Handheld-Portable-Electric-Survival/dp/B07MTR4166/ref=pd_rhf_se_s_bmx_0_7/142-0692076-3022036?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07MTR4166&pd_rd_r=463e6bd2-c42b-4126-a855-637063b4f2dd&pd_rd_w=maOTD&pd_rd_wg=ac3Is&pf_rd_p=907e4b18-664b-43c8-91dd-99c1bd5a54fd&pf_rd_r=V8NJ0S81X7A95G3VACVK&psc=1&refRID=V8NJ0S81X7A95G3VACVK Survivor Filter PRO X Electric Water Filter THE WORLD’S FIRST HANDHELD PORTABLE ELECTRIC SURVIVAL WATER FILTER - Introducing the World's First Portable Electric Water Filter that can Be Used with Any Plug, Mobile Charger or AA Batteries. Produces 17oz of Water Per Minute at the Touch of a Button. Tested to run on a set of High Energy AA Batteries for up to 12000oz of Filtered Water in Poor Conditions and 15000 in Ideal Conditions SUPER CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE - Simply tap the button and watch as it produces 17 ounces per minute of clean water, removing heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, and other nasty substances. COMES WITH BACKWASHING SYRINGE SYSTEM - For easy cleaning in the wild of the membrane filters to 100,000+ liters. It's BPA free and comes with all internal filters and tubing, detachable drinking cup, travel bag, details instructions and how to use manual. MULTIPLE WAYS TO POWER- the PRO X can run on 2 AA batteries and can be plugged into any 120-240 Volt power source connected through the included USB such as your home, a cigarette lighter or mobile battery pack SURVIVOR FILTER LIFETIME WARRANTY - Survivor Filter is based in North America and we cover all manufacturing and other defects with our lifetime warranty. If you ever run into any problems with any of our products simply contact us and we will work to make it right.
  8. I have never had small dogs tho~ I dont know how they behave. I do carry around my virtual pet Berta but she dosent have to get out to pee
  9. Thank you. I love mutts & pound dogs as well
  10. What dog breed would be best to travel with? Since I am now single I need a pet to travel with. What would you recommend?
  11. Hey Rider! Good to see you! Have you thought about the Northrop Grumman test facility.
  12. I cant argue with you there Brother. The only thing I can think of in defense is where you live there is more long haul driving. No such thing here. Everything is congested beyond your imagination.
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