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  1. I believe if you send via Pay Pal as a gift, there is no surcharge. If I am wrong please let me know for future. All I have to say about the situation is Dennis is in need this time around. He is always the first to help out anyone that needs it. Even if it means to be living in his truck. I am actually a little envious about that part though I only hope he gets out of that hospital fast.
  2. Hey guys, I just saw Dennis's Latest video. He is in the hospital and is sick. For those of you that dont him please check out the video anyhow. He is probably one of the nicest people on this earth. He is the type that goes without so others can be happy. His kidneys have failed. They pulled out like 8 gallstones. He is not feeling will. Please stop by his channel to wish him a speedy recovery. His link is below.
  3. That was a nice video, Thanks for putting it up. Dont let the haters get to you. I like the music. The wind makes it sound like a western movie. The Hell with the haters. Off with their Heads I say!
  4. Thank you Bob. I appreciate that. Hopefully things will be better for everyone this coming fall. I want to be here for my family if they need me. The one thing I dont want is to get sick on the road and burden someone else. I am sure everyone is going to have to make sacrifices if they haven already. You be safe and take care of that nice family you have.
  5. I,m with you guys. My trip to NV and other states for a month is not going to happen. Perhaps I will be able to travel this fall. I had planned to take the Trans America trail across the states then hang out in the desert for a month. https://www.transamtrail.com/ My return route is going to be through the Oregon Trail. At least the parts that can be driven. Crapola!
  6. Ok, Just in case you werent able to get TP before it ran out, here is an instructional on how to conserve Regards from Ody Slim
  7. Great Job Brandi. I had other things to say about him but better not
  8. I got a kick out of the hole fishing video. There aint no Freakin Fish in the Freakin Hole! It reminds me of a real old Jack Nicholson skit. I if you havent seen it watch and seen the resemblance
  9. Thanks Drew, We will see. I am kind of a Woos when it comes to dogs. I am still grieving my last. I will definitely post when I do get another.
  10. My Friend Dennis. So nice to see you. I believe it is Lincoln county. Part of it may be another county but I havent looked at the map lately.
  11. Thanks. It sounds like a place I need to visit this coming spring. Thanks for that. When were you there ?
  12. Has anyone spent time in this area. I might want to check it out in person. I'm hunting down some clues a friend gave me to find an old geological site. https://goo.gl/maps/khekkwUyb5V9szL98 Regards from Ody Slim
  13. Hey Dennis, Thank you for the nice advise. You are so right. If you want a pet, fill out the paperwork then stand in line. The next available dog is brought out and that is what you get. The poor old dog ( like me ) wont get left behind.
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