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  1. Also just being there is good enough of an experience for me.
  2. Im with you 100 percent. Thanks for reminding me. One thing I have a lot of is time. I dont mind taking a day extra to look around if I find a place that is really interesting. even in the most remote places people have walked off with any artifacts that were left behind. Even though most of the artifacts are gone, I still want to photograph what's left. Especially the some of the more remote places. I also want to fine the very remote pictographs and drawings done by the Indians.
  3. I couldnt find any intel on the 11 bars mine. I will look more in depth
  4. I found a better one! Take a look at this. I have to photograph this one!
  5. Wow, Thank you very much Liz
  6. Well, I am happy for you Bob. Nothing is better than doing your own thing.
  7. Thanks Bob. Its good you are busy. Thanks for the reply & Have Yourself a Great Day!
  8. Has anyone seen the mine in the link below? If so.. Whats the real name? Regards from Ody Slim
  9. Ody Slim

    Site Rules

    Hi Bob, I did not see the clubs. Is the explore club still up? Just wondering. Oh, are postings of non related activities allowed?
  10. Hope you are doing well brother! 

    1. Ody Slim

      Ody Slim

       Hey Dennis,  Thank You. I am well. Winter is going to be closing out soon. That automatically makes me happy. I see you are happy living in your truck. Pretty ladies sending you cookies and other gifts. How is your life going?

    2. Dennis78382


      No complaints sir. Life has its ups and downs no matter where you live. Fortunately where I live has four wheels and a spare so I just roll with it. See what I did there buddy? 😂

  11. Hey Cristhian!   Good to see you.  Hope your well. 


  12. Hey Ody, nice to see you made it over!

    1. Ody Slim

      Ody Slim

      Thank you for inviting me Bob!   This is very nice

    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Glad you made it over here Ody! I think you'll like it here far better than social media. 

    3. Ody Slim

      Ody Slim

      I do as well.  I am really happy to have been invited.

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