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  1. Hey EWU Crew!! "IMPORTANT" This is Not for entertainment!! This is very personal to me as I was there the day of the bombing and grow up with the family and knew Dennis well.. I need your help well actually this case and the family needs your help!! It needs more exposure and that's where you all come in. I have no other way of contacting you so I am trying this. I hope you see this and reply. John Lordan of the popular YT channel Brain Scratch and a few others recently covered Dennis's story. Dennis as well as the family need justice and yes I know when you look into it your not going to understand how it hasn't. My families home the home I grew up in is a couple houses down from where the Wustenhoff home is and the day the car bomb went off literally throw me off my living room couch. I can and will go into much more but PLEASE look into this research as much as you can. Maybe if you can donate but most importantly his case needs Exposure so Thank You. My name is Mike Barbaretti
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