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  1. That ufo that appeared in sky tho just as that cow lifted it's head up like it sensed it and then it ended up dead due to stress induced pneumonia and then the ufo moved within so many milliseconds. That part in Homestead 2 tho when they only dug down so far and didn't continue where that long object was disappointed me as I thought keep digging and see what it is. Spaceship or something else. Always thought it was funny when someone would say something then to dramatise it someone would turn their heads right fast with a sound effect at same time lol!
  2. Hopefully you get justice for your Mother. Whether it turns out to be your Father or if true about the 3 individuals. Someone needs to pay!
  3. I am from Leeds West Yorkshire. WELCOME!!!!
  4. That poor llama tho! Was horrible hearing it shrieking when it was being attacked. If there were quite a few of these giant dogs wonder why they only went for 1 of the llamas and not both?
  5. Wish they would dig further down at Homestead 2 so we could see what that strange object is underground.
  6. If they can disguise themselves as other people imagine if a skinwalker was actually disguised as 1 of the crew on Curse of Skinwalker Ranch and not the real crew member!! I would go for Dragon the Security Guard as he seems against them digging.
  7. Wish they would dig further down at Homestead 2 to see if it was a crashed UFO underground. They even proved there was no radiation with that machine they were using. Strange how the skeptic Travis got radiation burns when he moved that drain cover but then when they later did checks for radiation there wasn't any. Also wish there had been better CCTV footage of those Llamas that were attacked so we could see those giant dogs that did it.
  8. I was actually just thinking of being cheeky and sending him a tweet with that exact comment before I saw your comment "Is that you as a kid Exterminator" lol! Great minds think a like
  9. Security guy is against them digging because he says something always happens. The sceptic wanted them to start digging tho. Apparently the guy who had his scalp come away from his skull on the 1st occasion that happened was after he attempted to dig.
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