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  1. He once had a motorbike accident and I always wondered if it was this car that caused it.
  2. He recently claimed he was asked to stop making videos when he was travelling to do a documentary and he said he wouldn't do that. I think he has just given up. If his partner was willing to talk to EWU then would be interesting to hear her side of what went on.
  3. I enjoyed watching his videos tbh! Shame if he never returns!
  4. Did u hear about the Secureteam logo incident? Apparently it was someone else's design and he started using it without their knowledge or permission. All seems to have gone wrong when he had 2 deaths in his family and I think he then turned to drink and drugs and went off the rails. Rumours he attacked his partner but they both deny it and Tyler reckoned he was being setup. He had his Patreon stopped aswell.
  5. Only thing really I would like to know is what the truth is. Has he given up Youtube now because of all the grief he was getting or is he still planning on coming back? All seemed to start going wrong in August 2019 where he had a break for 2 months and he did a video stating he had lost 2 members of his family which makes me wonder if that is what lead to what happened next. He always states he doesn't drink or do drugs but he apparently was arrested for crashing his car driving under the influence. He reckoned he had been set up and that he had being travelling making a documentary when someone stopped him and threatened him to stop making videos and he also reckoned he was beaten up in jail. He was also accused of beating his partner which they both deny and he says they are framing him. Also apparently the logo he uses he stole from someone else. Be interesting if you were able to find out more information. Thanks and sorry for the long post!
  6. Not a very Happy Fox should change their name to Deuchebag Fox lol!
  7. That Ranger is definitely suspicious. Think he knows more than he is letting on. U could be right about the catfish aswell!
  8. Looks brilliant Niall! WELL DONE!
  9. Looking forward to the next EWU video! 😍

  10. Yeah he is probably jealous. Wouldn't surprise me if he asked them not to mention EWU! Well I certainly did mention them because they deserve credit!
  11. HA! HA! It would certainly have embarrassed them. Especially if it was shared publicly lol!
  12. Yeah you are welcome Emma. Just wanted people to realise that you guys did more than others who were getting credited and you deserve credit too. Oh so that Jeff Young has heard of you guys. He is strange pretending not to know you.
  13. Would love to see EWU Rooney in a future video.
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