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  1. Totally agree! The channel is so vast and so much variety to watch! I do miss there explorations but everything they drop is a banger! They deserve at least 10 million subs! Create presenters and they have so much character and personality. I wish them nothing but success and fortune! EWU CREEEEEEW. Love from
  2. Another article I came across about the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren! Films have been based off of their ghostly experiences and have made a load of money from it. But they have been exposed on servals occasions as being fake or misleading. But yet so many people still believe that they are telling the truth. But I’m not convinced! Personally I’m a massive fan and supporter of the paranormal industry to some extent anyway! My views have changed on what a ‘spirit’ really is. But I digress, link is attached to this post. Love to hear your thoughts on the matter! EWU CREW! https://www.ranker.com/list/ed-lorraine-warren-controversies/christopher-shultz
  3. Come across an article about unexplained event in history that have yet to be explained or solved. The link the the article is attached. hope you guys find it interesting and hope everyone is doing great! ✌https://www.boredpanda.com/mysterious-unexplained-stories-history/
  4. I come across an article on the internet which showcased a list of plane that just vanished without a trace or not enough to understand where to start! Here’s a link the article that I came across see what you lot think✌7 Puzzling Plane Disappearances
  5. Thankyou for replying back my G! I’m currently looking at some cases just got to make sure i go through your videos just incase you have done them! will keep you posted brother! Bringing love from
  6. If it’s a family situation I think all off us should take w giant leap backwards. Who actually really knows what happens behind closed doors and you wanna go tamper with the door just for you to be nosey and probably deep down you wouldnt care about what it all really means but unless you was in a similar situation and face it yourself....moral of the story is - do some of these ‘fans’ generally care about these people or is it just a typical and obvious ploy to gain attention and hopefully oneday it will be by the people they are watching. Don’t get involved in other people’s personal issues unless they are ok with it! this isn’t Jeremy Kyle. just stop it
  7. I am very new to the empire that is EWU CREW! shout outs to all the team that are behind all that content we love so much.... @EWU Bob @Ewu Boob @EWU Emma I don’t want to tag too many just incase I tag some who isn’t part of the movement but anyway, I digress... bwck to the main point of me attempting to construct meaningful recommendation! but yes! Need more unexplained and unsolved maaadness!! many thanks, Castillo
  8. Regardless what the situation with you guys is, the people who claim loyalty to you should be showing nothing but love and that they got your backs no matter what! The ones who just ask dumb questions and just being nosey are not you true fans, if you loyal to someone or something nothing but positivity and support should be thrown your way! Sorry about the rant! I’m new to this literally just signed up! Love all your videos I do miss the exploration you guys did! Show nothing but love from . You a much of Dons, but not the Trump kind ✌
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