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  1. I come across an article on the internet which showcased a list of plane that just vanished without a trace or not enough to understand where to start! Here’s a link the article that I came across see what you lot think✌7 Puzzling Plane Disappearances
  2. Thankyou for replying back my G! I’m currently looking at some cases just got to make sure i go through your videos just incase you have done them! will keep you posted brother! Bringing love from
  3. I am very new to the empire that is EWU CREW! shout outs to all the team that are behind all that content we love so much.... @EWU Bob @Ewu Boob @EWU Emma I don’t want to tag too many just incase I tag some who isn’t part of the movement but anyway, I digress... bwck to the main point of me attempting to construct meaningful recommendation! but yes! Need more unexplained and unsolved maaadness!! many thanks, Castillo
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