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  1. Hey Ewu Crew I know I just posted something but I just wanted to post again to say I have been a fan since 2018 and I fully support the decision to change to the new content!! I love all the content you guys make and I'm sorry you guys have to deal with people being so rude. The new content is great I am so addicted (in a good way) to your videos. This world really does suck sometimes but we all hope you know that we got your backs and to the creepers and trolls etc. who needs em? Right? ....anyways thanks for all the hard work you guys put into these videos. These videos are not easy and a lo
  2. I came across a video like a top 10 kind of video and they had used one of your videos. I was just so excited I wanted to leave the link in case you guys haven't seen it. which I'm sure you have but I was super excited about it lol! https://youtu.be/EWL4b_pkQGE
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