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  1. BeckyAnn


    Sarah, get the hoodie. It is so soft!
  2. This is a crime of 6 ppl who befriended an intellectual disadvantaged woman, torchured, murdered, wrapped her body with Christmas lights , stuffed her into a garbage can and left her near a dumpster. They are repeatedly looking to get out of their life/ death sentences. Bringing the pain of loss to her family up every year with their appeals. This is a story that is close to my heart, as she was my cousin, her mom and dad good friends. This is a story that needs to be told.
  3. EWU crew, let's work hard and help Crissy!!!! She needs answers and we need to help her get them.
  4. I saw on another YouTube channel, that yt has been banning indiscriminately. I think you have to re-join.
  5. EWU Rooney, your basement must be big!
  6. In Pittsburgh PA, young men are going missing and when four months later, dead. The men are all gay, college age. Something very wrong is going on.
  7. BeckyAnn


    No the spelling! It just doesn't like the word! I type d EWU and it spell checked and didn't like it! But now that I added it, I have no problem!
  8. BeckyAnn


    My kindle doesn't like EWU!!!!!
  9. BeckyAnn


    Got my NEW WAY CREW hoodie! LOVE IT!!!! Everyone should get one.
  10. EwuBob, We have a saying, "you find, you carry"! Need to try that. Also when hunting we don't travel to far from the truck.
  11. I just had my second shot. I volunteer at a nursing/rehabilitation home they offered vaccines.
  12. Bob, only with my wedding ring!!! We did get a little (very) in Georgia. We usually find more gems. We have found opals, apache tears, turquoise, nice quartz, dinosaur bones etc. These were found in NV. In CO nice quartz.
  13. I think the real secrets are at Cheyenne mountain!
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