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  1. BeckyAnn


    My kindle doesn't like EWU!!!!!
  2. BeckyAnn


    Got my NEW WAY CREW hoodie! LOVE IT!!!! Everyone should get one.
  3. EwuBob, We have a saying, "you find, you carry"! Need to try that. Also when hunting we don't travel to far from the truck.
  4. I just had my second shot. I volunteer at a nursing/rehabilitation home they offered vaccines.
  5. Bob, only with my wedding ring!!! We did get a little (very) in Georgia. We usually find more gems. We have found opals, apache tears, turquoise, nice quartz, dinosaur bones etc. These were found in NV. In CO nice quartz.
  6. I think the real secrets are at Cheyenne mountain!
  7. BeckyAnn

    Ewu Merch.

    Where can I find where to get a t-shirt or hoodie?
  8. I hope things will get better for you. Has your area gotten any of the vaccines?
  9. He used to elk and deer hunt in CO and find interesting places. Now, as he won't hunt alone as he his in his mid 70's, he is bidding on and researching property and OGM's. Between the county's sales, he goes out to "lost" places. He enjoys finding old mines, petroglyphs, and searching areas. When we would go together, we would go to old mining sites and search tailings. Also if we found a nice creek we would pay for gold! Never found much gold, but we had fun. We did a lot better gem finding in NV.
  10. My husband and I have done quite a bit of exploring in NV, but not in the other 2 states. We did quite a bit around Virginia City and Goldfield. So very much miss going out there. Colorado has become his new area to exploe. Sadly I can not to with him as someone has to stay home and take care of the livestock. Thanks for letting me relive those exploring days! Since we live in the Laurel Mountains of PA, it is difficult to do day journeys to the west! Enjoy the new videos also, but miss hearing EWUBob's and EWUEmma's banter!
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