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  1. Glen

    Shadow image.

    Clearly I am not just old BUT three to four years behind. Oops
  2. Glen

    Shadow image.

    If it helps, this is the actual Youtube video. the shadow image is at 27:18 through 27:21
  3. Glen

    Shadow image.

    I was just watching the Video titled "Area 51: We explored A Mysterious ABANDONED COMPOUND." This question has probably came up already. But at 27:19-27:-21 there is an black shadow image that is at the end of the lockers near the floor in front of the urinal. Is that Emma's foot? It then moves behind the locker and as the camera pans around nothing is shown, unless she is hiding in the corner.
  4. Glen


    Growing we loved to explore abandoned places too, I would love to do that again as well. And a few other ideas come to mind. Like checking locations mentioned on various Youtube channels. You are right, video does provide a much better view of places as opposed to still photos. So I am shopping for a budget friendly camcorder. What type of video camera do you use on locations?
  5. Glen


    Greetings EMU crew. A new victim here (I mean volunteer} Love your guys Youtube Channel and all the work you put into the videos. And I am sorry you had to deal with such idiots and such on your channel. I do have a question though. I am curious how you got into the video exploring? I am planning a trip soon to the Lovelock Nv mines where the Giants allegedly hid, and though I do not have the video equipment I do plan a getting a new camera for the trip. Again Great channel You all!
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