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  1. One of mine, first AR-15 I built from an 80% Also have a 1944 M44 Mosin Nagant and some other stuff.
  2. Haven't found one yet in Arizona other than the front porch.
  3. I think you may have entered the wrong area if you're asking that.
  4. One of the scorpions I've found, was just out in the open. The others have been under things.
  5. It's definitely a change from northern California weather lol. It got to the 100's there too but not every day. It didn't have such a temp swing either.
  6. Hottest I've seen it so far was 104 and according to weather data last year, it didn't get above 106. According to my buddy that lives a half hour away, June is the hottest here. Really depends on what area you go to. Phoenix area sucks, everything gets heat soaked and doesn't cool off at night. My place is upper 90's to 100 and cools down to mid 60's or low 70's, I'm also at about 3600 ft elevation which helps. Pick an area and check out the past weather data is all I can say lol.
  7. Not liking the heat Everything else has been awesome. Got my first power bill after running the AC, only went up 20 bucks vs the winter bill however I was also able to open the windows at night to keep the house cool. Right now, not really able to do that. Did get a nice cool break a week ago, got down to 47 at night and 88 during the day. Sitting at 100 right now.
  8. They don't bother me much, it's the big ass spiders and scorpions that get me lol So far no scorpions in the house, just 3 outside. Also, can't say I've never been bit by a snake now. It was just a baby ball python at a friend's house. Made the mistake of asking what it felt like to be bit by one and he said, "you want to find out?"
  9. I really want a 1966 Chevelle, got half of one now in the shape of an El Camino. 40's panel truck would be cool as well. If I had to get something new, Ultima RS.
  10. I've watched a lot of IKS Exploration lol He covers buildings just like that, underground ROC posts for nukes, bunkers, all sorts of stuff.
  11. Probably an observation post of sorts used during ww1 or ww2.
  12. I'm sure you can find something down here. New neighborhoods are cookie cutter houses with no yards but places away from the city like mine have better lots. Internet isn't the greatest this far out but it's good enough for streaming stuff.
  13. So far so good, nice and private plus really quiet on the property. Haven't gone out exploring yet though, about the only real thing I've done is drive through Tombstone lol
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