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  1. I bet a lot of people are asking but I was wondering what is this? I saw that EWU was live and hoped for an old style exploring video. The whole this is just confusing. Could you help clear up what the live stream was about?
  2. I was wondering if there was any tips to finding cases near you. I like to hike in the summer and thought looking around could end up helping someone out.
  3. I also feared being off topic but finally decided to create an account and post what I was thinking. If you never post it you won't know. Plus, Bob and Admins are responding so I am sure they would give you feedback on how to change your post to keep it "on subject". I do understand how you feel though. Seeing them and the family progress gave a nice wholesome vibe. We just have to respect their decision. The new content is still great. We can still selfishly hope to see or hear from them in a video of new or old style but ultimately that is not something we can control. I find the new videos more intriguing than sad. There are so many uplifting youtube channels if that is what you are looking for.
  4. Its great to know I can hear from you even if its not in front of a camera! Thanks for taking the time to reply. The problem is that people who start or believe the rumors become invested in them. I would say that the majority of people are a bit more realistic like me but with such a large following there is always going to be people like that. You have successfully changed your channel content 2 times. That is impressive in itself. I feel like I should start my own crazy theory. I think you were abducted by aliens and they are now running your channel and the blog. haha I know this is true because everything will be normal like it is now. Thank you and the rest of the team (or the aliens) for all the great content and hard work you have put in.
  5. All I have to say to the EWU Crew is that I hope you are all happy, healthy, and doing whatever makes you happy. Anything that seems like a question for the crew is more of a hypothetical. If you do want to answer, I would be happy. The real reason for them is to show how silly it was for people to expect you to tell them exactly why content changes happened on your channel. After looking to see if you said anything online I was surprised by the crazy ideas others had manufactured and felt bad that you even felt a need to respond. I would like to say I have binged through so many of your old and new videos and they are all great! I have even gone back and looked at a few live streams. They might have lost some effect with age or me not being there when it happened but I found them more boring. I mainly went to see old streams to find out what the drama was about and why you stopped doing them. Of course, people freaked out and you told everyone what the most logical answer was. This seemed pretty logical to me. Showing people where you are and what your doing live can cause unwanted attention. Any number of people could come and show up: internet creeps, fans, law enforcement, etc etc... How did people not immediately understand back then that the change was for your safety. I do not want any of this to be taken as fact or what happened. I want to show how silly most of the other things I saw online where (of course I checked google, who wouldn't). Below are some of the reasons that I thought a change in content could have happened. It could be a million things or nothing in specific but murder, government plots, lawsuits, etc that I found online are all crazy. 1. I would guess that Emma was college or trade school age. No idea her age but that was my first thought. 2. The videos clearly take a lot of time and effort. If I had not gone back a ways I would have thought that the talking parts where scripted for them and they hired others to do b-role. They must have put in so much effort for so long. After growing something like that there is probably a lot of other things they want to do. 3. As with every big channel on the internet, creepy followers and negative comments take a toll. I am happy they keep the new voices anonymous at the request of the readers. 4. Health, Family, Personal. Who in their right mind would ask about any of this? The list goes on but asking about any of it seems pretty disrespectful. I savor the old videos and have made sure to start watching them at a slowed pace. I love the new videos so I will not be leaving the channel. In my own self righteous way I wish the channel could have the current videos with the rare video that is like the old content thrown in. I also know that they said they will not be in videos and respect that. Best of wishes and I am sure it is a small percent of people who came up with the crazy ideas about your content change.
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