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  1. Yes I believe her sister might be if I can get ahold of her. Sorry it took so long to reply.
  2. https://www.truecasefiles.com/2020/10/the-disappearance-of-lisa-green.html https://www.bing.com/search?q=lisa+green+missing+from+louisville+kentucky&pc=COS2&ptag=D090320-N0640AF75BAE01A83A43AB87F&form=CONBDF&conlogo=CT3331983 https://www.facebook.com/MissingPiecesNetwork/photos/a.1558706467768859.1073741831.1525175764455263/1599838783655627/ A woman by the name Lisa Marie Green, I have know her since I was young kid has been missing from the Louisville, Ky area since June 25, 2014. She was last seen stepping outside her front door and never seen or heard from again. Her father and two young children are still searching for her in hopes of some sort of closure as what happened. She would never willing leave her children or her family. She left behind everything she owned didn't take any forms of identification, money, or clothes. Please share the links listed above. Phone numbers you can call in the Louisville, KY area with any information regarding information LMPD Missing Persons Squad: 502-574-7120 OR LMPD Anonymous Tip Line: 502-574-LMPD (5673) OR 1-866-649-4479
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