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  1. I found the perfect spot here. So, about ? years ago I was watching tv with my family. I live in a very rural area and planes don't fly overhead very often (I actually used to live close to an airport so when I hear one now, I'm more aware of it). I hear what sounds like a low flying plane overhead. It doesn't sound directly overhead but like it's approaching. I went back to watching tv, but kept hearing hearing it. Ten minutes later, I was still hearing it. I dismissed it. It went on for about 20 to 30 minute increments with about the same amount of time in silence in between. There were four or five rounds. Around the third round, I went outside to look. It was nightime and I couldn't see anything. Listening, the sound was closer but now it was kind of going side to side, not how any plane I know flies. T just did that over and over. There were no lights or anything to show an airplane. The next day, I asked other people if they had heard it. They had, in all the small towns. A lot of them said they were testing military planes but I don't know. It was shortly after this that Joplin had that really, really bad tornado. What do you guys think?
  2. Attic Thunder, I don't drink either but it's been said many times that if I started it might help correct me, lol. It does provide some comic relief for the family especially when I go into automatic behaviour and put somebody's phone in the freezer
  3. Lee Ann


    Thank you very much Darzen!
  4. CindyN11, Thank you! I appreciate that!
  5. Artic Thunder, You too! I'm honestly shocked. I know a few narcoleptics online but never met one in real life! Well, except myself, lol. I guess that's normal since it's kind of rare and I live in the boondocks, lol. Oh, and yeah, I have cataplexy too. It's not as bad as a lot of people have it though. Unless I'm laughing really hard. I have learned when I'm driving and someone is making me laugh, to kind of short circuit myself. Mostly its knee buckling and talking like I'm drunk (or lisping). I drive but after naps, lol.
  6. I'm a full time narcoleptic. Before that, I was an editor and writer for various places. Now, I'm still narcoleptic but life took a twist and blessed me with becoming guardian to my niece and nephew. My niece has cerebral palsy, so caring for her, my nephew, my mom, and myself is now my full time job.
  7. I feel so bad that I never knew what you guys were going through in regards to there being negative comments, on YT or social media. I never saw them on your channel, because if I did, I would have spoke up. I don't really do social media, so I wouldn't have seen anything there. I'm enjoying your new content. I think the editing is of professional quality. When Emma and Bob first did video's, I kind of thought Emma was going to want to pursue that in some type way in college. I'm glad EWU is doing what's best for them. If you think about, there aren't very many channels like yours. I liked how you guys went out to the fdls community and explored for yourselves. You guys were really respectful in how you approached and you were unbiased. You basically made a video most networks couldn't. You guys had fun as a family and your kids learned to discover hands on. I don't think you guys received enough credit for that. When a road got too narrow to drive through, you guys got out to cut branches to open the area. You obeyed the law but were aware of your rights. Anymore, people don't do any of that. They see a pebble in the road and give up. So, anyways, you've earned my respect. Also, I saw EWU Bob builds some mean looking guns. I wouldn't want to mess with him, lol. Take care you all.
  8. Lee Ann


    Hello everyone! I'm Lee Ann and have been a long time EWU subscriber. It took me a while to find my way here but better late than never, lol. Btw, if I did this wrong somehow, my apologies, I'm not familiar with this yet. Thank you!
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