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  1. I'm jealous! When I am out with my team we have a bucket camp toilet with screen around it for privacy, a cast iron pot we hang over a fire pit, and sleeping on the ground, LOL!
  2. I love this woman's videos! I am not a "girly girl" but it takes skill to do makeup while telling a compelling story
  3. Welcome, Lee Ann. Two friends of mine, a married couple, are both narcoleptic. I am in awe with how they deal with the challenges of raising an active toddler, and have a new baby on the way, while also living life with narcolepsy. I wish you all the best in your new role in life
  4. Not necessarily a favorite, but amusing none the less, LOL!
  5. I watched the video for the first time yesterday. A very strange case. What did they keep in that safe? Do you know?
  6. I know, right? It's primal, raw AND melodic! Brilliantly done.
  7. The HU - Wolf Totem feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach (English Subbed) [HD]
  8. Shoshone Between Cataldo & Smelterville. I love wandering near the river and marshes in Cataldo. Good moose spotting.
  9. Hahahahahaha! Was she in Shoshone County? My favorite towns to hang out and chill are there... Wallace, Kellogg, etc....
  10. Glad to see you here, too. Trying to locate El, see if I can get his ornery butt in here.
  11. ROFLMAO! Probably doesn't want to watch all the human craziness.
  12. Absolutely LOVE it here! Lots of great off-road and deep woods locations. Keeping my eye out for Sasquatch
  13. Hey All! Glad I found y'all. One of the original Explore Forum members. It's good to be back
  14. Great to see you over here Cindy, hope all is going good for you?? If you have contact info for El, please let him know we miss him! 

    1. CindyN11


      So what the hell happened, Bob? Forum gone, reading chatter about you no longer doing videos with the family?

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