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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!  Hope you had a great day turning 21! 😊

    1. HGOWDY


      Thanks Drew!! 😁

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Joshua!

    1. Josue (Joshua)

      Josue (Joshua)

      Thanks! Sorry I haven’t been Online lately, but thank you so much 🇺🇸😁

  3. Looks fine to me!


  4. Love the profile pic!

  5. How is the medical therapy/procedure going?  All good I hope?  👍

    1. ArcticThunder


      Thank you Drew for asking. Every Wednesday I go through a cancer follow up procedure for my bladder. They removed a high grade, 1st stage cancer about a month back. The weekly procedure is called BCG Treatment. Its not chemo and deals with filling up my bladder with -of all crazy things, a bacterial vaccine that was intended to deal with tuberculose. The said vaccine treatment has a pretty good results in  fighting any recurrences. There side effects that usually clears up after two to three days. Burning id an issue. Serious side effects could occur during any of my treatment, inluding but very rarely tuberculoses. So far so good considering how they minister this intrusive procedure. I'm good till Wednesday and we start all over again. But I will kick its ass. 💪

    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Good to hear it's going good ArcticThunder, cancer is so awful, and it's hard to believe we haven't found a cure yet! I wish they would put more effort into finding a cure. 

  6. Have to find a new Profile picture. A good friend over on Twitter said I looked like Anderson Cooper 🤣🤔😒

  7. Geezus there's those Eyes again Emma.  I'm outta your profile asap!  😄

  8. LOVE the Eyes!!!!!! 🤣😂 

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    2. wimc


      Comment moved to


    3. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      This is gonna shoo the weirdo's away😂

    4. EWU Emma

      EWU Emma

      @Darzen Rodrigues, YAS! Every time they come to my profile... they'll know I'm watching them 👀👀👀

  9. Happy Birthday Dude!  Hope you're having a good one.

    1. Jekyll


      Thanks! Feel the same as I did yesterday. Haha age is only a number till arthritis kicks in haha

  10. Have a Happy Birthday Chellesbells! 🎂

    1. Chellesbells


      Thank you, Drew!

  11. Were you able to get your presentation done that was due today?!?

  12. Thank you for your kind words buddy! 😊

    1. Drew B

      Drew B

      Well deserved!

  13. Happy Birthday Frank!

  14. Hi Drew B! Thank you for the follow! 😁

  15. Have a Happy Birthday Stan!


    1. Drew B

      Drew B

      Happy Birthday Stan!  Have a good one.

    2. StanWilliams


      Thanks Drew!  I had a good day so far 🙂

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