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  1. Not sure what she was digging in the back yard but guess who isn't going to the dog park today.
  2. Finally found a photo of my 10 year old Rabbit Lucky. Taken just a few days before he passed away. Hard to let something go you basically grew up with. All these years and I still miss him like all my critters
  3. It's out there now but the rain just won't let up. Rumors you hear about our rain in the Pacific "Northwet" are not rumors. It's Rained all week so not sure many critters will be out until we get a dry spell.
  4. Next Road Trip You guys should do a Bohemian Rhapsody Parody video .
  5. Noooo. I don't wan to look Mike Myers. I'll take the Overalls
  6. They see that it gets a rise/response from you so they'll try anything to get noticed. I think the only thing he's ever hit is his head
  7. I took a look. Definitely haunted. Plus you can get Hangtown french fries!
  8. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and Moody Blues. Also Super Tramp, Genesis, Frampton, Bowie, Annie Lennox, Yes, ELO, Alan Parsons.... way too many to mention. Country fan as well. Anything I like I'll listed to. Newer bands. Imagine Dragons, Of monsters and men, Billie Eilish. OK Done
  9. How do you choose the music on road trips? Everyone gets 1 hour? I recall always fighting over what station to put on. Then again my family fought over everything
  10. Pink Floyd my tops but I'll listen to anything if I like it. Not much of a Rap fan. Country is great diving music.
  11. Agree! There are a few other hanging trees around the NV state and in Calif where vigilant mobs hung suspected thugs and nar do wells. Pretty sure many must have been innocent.
  12. Bottom of same page an article about Missing Prison Hill treasure? Apologies if it's been submitted before. https://www.carsonnow.org/story/08/16/2018/nevada-lore-series-missing-treasure-prison-hill
  13. Here's one of them: https://carsonnow.org/story/09/27/2018/nevada-lore-series-genoas-hanging-tree-and-curse-adam-uber
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