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  1. Probably going to sell out soon I'm just going to hop in the neighbors swimming pool and swim a couple laps
  2. I've got my FB so I only accept people I know or know about. I realize it's not an option when you have a business page though. Of course this forum is awesome.
  3. Only my EWU Crew friends are on Twitter. All my other friends & family are on Facebook. I'm not liking Instagram that much either. FB is very user friendly and useful. I would never have met half my long distance relatives if it wasn't for FB. Helps me remember Birthdays as well I do like to check out the EWU FB page regularly but it's a little overwhelming at times with the amount of messages posted. Again.. Kudos to Rooney for handling all that!
  4. Face Book is pretty tame. Never had an issue there in almost 10 years.
  5. We For Real had this same rig in Bali. Needless to say I didn't use it
  6. My Wife & I work from home so no problems for us. I'm not much of a social butterfly anyway and prefer staying home over anywhere else. Except going on Vacation of course. Got Netflix so we're good
  7. Latest Stats on the regular flu in case nobody has posted: In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 34 million illnesses, 350,000 hospitalizations and 20,000 deaths this season
  8. I've been enjoying this guys videos about living ina van and cold weather tips etc.. Some quite lengthy but you can FF. Interesting idea bout rolling cotton balls in Vaseline and using them as fire starters.
  9. If I recall ours use to have Popeye on the box front. You could also get licorice cigars with red candy tips. Awful tasting things anyway.
  10. So true. Got a razor hug right through my hoodie sleeve on the weekend. Had to be careful not to over react with the arm and send the little guy flying across the room . So cute and so painful
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