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  1. You are assuming the WW2 aircraft would even get close enough to the Carrier. The carrier would be smart to stay out of the range of the Enemy craft. They could launch from a 1,000 km away. I'm just not sure what the range of the Aircraft carrier would be. At worst they could figure out where they where, factor in the direction the fleet is going and speed. The enemy would never have even a slightest idea of what was behind them, or in front. I can't quickly find out what the range of the radar is for the Carrier. It only refers to Air Radar. So lets say it has a range of a couple hundred KM. The Carriers typically have a Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkey on them, which can extend the radar range of the carrier. It would also depend on where they are in relation to the enemy fleet. The element of surprise will always win.
  2. It's possible, but if you can take out all of the carriers at once, they have no means to fight back. Even laser guided bombs can be several km away. Then you have the "dumb bombs". The Aircraft carrier would be smart enough to stay out of range of the enemy fighter jets, assuming they knew which direction to head for. The fighter jets would not only outrun the enemy planes, but they could get behind and above them and shot them out of the sky. They could even come up from below them and pick them off that way. I honestly don't think there would be even a match.
  3. I did some digging and this is based on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. The F-14 Tomcat has a Zuni rocket, that is laser guided. It also has a LANTIRN Targeting System, which is a night vision system. GBU-24 Paveway III Laser Guided Bomb. CBU-100 Cluster Bomb 90 fixed wing and helicopters So from just this, it looks like it could hit the fleet and be out of there, before they even knew what hit them. The biggest advantage is the radar being far more advanced, and the Japanese aircraft carriers had no Radar at all. They relayed solely on visual range. So by the time they even seen the F-14's it would be too late.
  4. I still think we would have the speed advantage. The modern Aircraft Carrier is faster, so it can stay out of range and it's jets are just that. Jets. Some are able to go mach 2.0 depending on what the ship is carrying. The carries stick out like a store thumb, with a nice large flat surface. A modern craft could not only evade the radar, but fire a missile in visual range and be out of there before they could scramble the planes. They would see the jet coming, or the very least hear the roar of it. However, they might not understand what they are looking at or hearing and could be slow to react. I know the modern day jets can fire missiles from several KM away, and are laser guided. You also have the fact that modern day missiles would pack a much bigger punch, and move much faster.
  5. Surely they have radar that is not reliant on GPS ? What is the range of non GPS based Radar now, compared to then. Surely it has a much longer range.
  6. So just for fun, let's say one of the Aircraft Carriers somehow jumped back in time, to WWII and helped out with the Midway battle. Do you think the single Modern Day Aircraft carrier could take out the entire Japanese group of ships ? The Japanese do have the sheer number advantage, but move quite slow and lack long range radar. I think the ships could be be taken out, and they wouldn't even see it coming or know what was going on. Discuss!
  7. Okay I'm a Star Trek geek and I think Sisko was tops! 🖖

  8. What did he uncover, that they needed to silence him ?
  9. I bet Anti Gravity Aircraft of some kind. I find it hard to believe, after all these years... We are still using expensive and noisy rockets, or aircraft as we know it. Secure Team would likely have plenty of idea's on what goes on there.
  10. So creepy how his eyes are still open the way they are!
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