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  1. Thank you! I still miss the banter between the family. I can completely understand not wanting to be a part of all the drama, while there are a ton of exploration videos none had your guys relationship and style. I do like the new videos, just missing the family. I wish you the best and good for you doing what is best for you and your family.
  2. This has probably been answered here someplace, but I can’t find it. I’m curious about the change in videos, the voices on the video and why Emma and Bob aren’t doing the videos. I loved the exploration videos, especially the Area 51 ones. I know Covid-19 has stopped a lot of exploring, but even then Bob and Emma and even mom would do sit down discussions of mysteries. I’m just curious why the change? Are you going to go back to exploring and do I need to start a conspiracy on where did Bob and Emma go? Who took their channel? That’s a good video idea lol. Love the videos still. Just really miss the banter
  3. My user name is momsworldgoes’round my name is Wanda. I’m a long time fan of EWU. I am into conspiracy theories. I believe and am fascinated by the unexplainable. I love all things aliens, mysterious creatures and ghosts. I believe I saw big foot and another unexplainable creature, way before I knew what they were. I had never heard of them when I saw them. I am a mom of 5, grandma of 3, and I have 2 bonus kids and 1 bonus grandson.
  4. Greetings @Moms world goes ‘round. Welcome to ourcommunity.

    1. Moms world goes ‘round

      Moms world goes ‘round

      Thank you!!! I’m a long time EWU crew. I am excited to be here!

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