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  1. Thanks! I remember in 93 when they came out. I fell in love. I've had mine going on 26 years. It's a timeless style and the value is really going up. Mine is all original even the paint with 214k miles. The only thing I've really done is have the wheels white powder coated. There is a picture on page 9 of off roading. Never plan to get rid of it! I do plan to get me a Raptor. I get a Raptor to go with the Lightning and Cobra I'd be like the coolest person in north west Alabama!!!
  2. I would love to see more pictures of other people's setup. Even if it's just a tent camp, that's how I got my start. I'd love to see how other parts of the country does it.
  3. I should note I AM NOT an employee of Keystone or their affiliates. That's just my dream RV.
  4. Yeah, I don't do the roughing it anymore. Creature comforts are a must!!! Been pretty happy with my TravelStar. I had one recall and it was taken care of quick by the manufacturer. One thing several people have told me including a friend in our Mustang club that has a RV repair business, stay away from motorhomes. And from the looks of several repair places around here I can see why. Their lots are always full of them waiting to be repaired. If I had a family the size of Bob's I'd be thinking a 5th wheel toy hauler. Maybe a Keystone Raptor. Plenty of sleeping areas and room for a side by side. I have a friend that has one for the past 10 years. He goes everywhere. Only thing you'd need a real truck like a Ford F350!
  5. Thanks for the positive comments! Since I've had it (going on 8 years) it has rained sometime during the camping trip every time but once. And I mean every time! One time we got 5.75 inches in one day. I actually went home and left the camper at the campground. The rain was deafening. The joke at work is anytime we need rain in the area everyone trys to get me to go camping.
  6. This is how I camp now. It started with a Coleman tent. Then it was a 40s-50s tent trailer. Wish I still had that, didn't realize what a classic it was. Then to a seventies Starcraft pop-up Which was on it's last leg. Now I have the TravelStar. Love it, just wish it was a little bigger. The Lighting has no problem pulling, no swaying back and forth. It did need trailer brakes to help stop. The pictures are at Joe Wheeler State Park. I grew up camping there since the 70s and I can be there in a half hour. The place is like a second home. Camper setup at a campsite is straight forward. After backing in and unhooking it from the truck I hook up the electricity Then turn the frig and air conditioning (needed in Alabama!). Next crank down the stabilizers and let down the foldouts. Connect the water and waste line and you are good to go. Backing in to setup only takes 20-30 minutes. To head out all I really have to do is pack clothes, food, and drinks.
  7. I actually heard sounds like that yesterday. I mean dead ringer for the moaning and trumpet sounds. But it wasn't coming from the sky, it was the horse farm let door. Barry was unloading metal piping to build new corrals. Unloading and moving of metal could explain a lot.
  8. Have you guys seen the news reports and youTube videos of strange noises coming from the sky. What I've seen goes from humming, to trumpets, to metal sliding together. Very creepy and definitely will make your butt draw-up! Does anyone have theories? Must of the videos seemed to be when it was really cloudy, but I have seen videos of completely sunny days.
  9. Not really off road vehicles but I am proud on my rides! 1994 Ford F150 Lightning. 351, GT40 heads, upper-lower intake, headers, 4.11 rear end. And of course dual magnaflow exhaust. I've owned now 23 years. Still has original paint. I did paint the mirrors to match the body and had the wheels white powder coated. Oh, has 214k miles and this picture is just a few months old. 1998 Ford Mustang Cobra. 1 of 205 Atlantic Blue. Light bar, K&N, diamond headlights, 18" Cobra R style chrome wheels. Soon to be change to GT500 wheels. Owned since 2003, 87k miles. Open track events- Nashville Super Speedway, Barbers Motorsport Park, Bristol Super Speedway, Carolina Motorsport Park (practice before actual race-race car was being worked on). 2006 Yamaha Raptor 700R. DG exhaust, nerf, push guard, and 6-pack rack, Got to have that! Scary fast! 1976 John Deere 2030 tractor. What can I say, it's never been stuck! Owned since 1995. 2006 John Deere Gator TX. Slow but gets the job done. In fact has a load of wood in the bed right now. I need to unload that tomorrow. Keeping with the off-road theme I have been looking for a 4x4. Since they've come out I've been wanting a Ford F150 Raptor (Love Ford SVT vehicles!) 2010-2014. Have test drove three so far. It's just hard to let that money go. Plus I've been looking for a 49-56 F100 or a 64 Fairlane. I need a new project and I have a Ford 429 big block I've been itching to do something creative with. I know as soon as I buy a Raptor or a project I'll come across a race horse deal on the other. Isn't that how it always works!
  10. I do wish Bob and Emma would do a recap video. Maybe talk about their favorite places, the creepy, scary, and maybe places you would visit again. Of course my favorite is the big compound with all the BLM removal stickers. And I really liked the abandoned subdivision. What a waste. I would love to have any of those houses on my property! Did you ever find out why it was abandoned? Also where you ever able to find relatives for the ashes you found in that one place?
  11. Again it wasn't a compliant, just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the old content. And I understand being recognized. I use to be in politics and would get it all the time. As much as I enjoyed meeting people I did eat cold meals and was late because people wanted to talk to me. And for the most part it was positive. But I am glad I'm not in it now. I'd piss too many people off! If I had the talent I'd love to produce some youtube videos. Maybe a series on how to be a happening guy on a budget! Stay safe on your adventures!
  12. randolphb

    Alaska triangle

    One thing I want to look up is how many searches a year happens in the Alaska Trap. And I'd like to see how many are solved-unsolved.
  13. randolphb

    Alaska triangle

    I started another topic, EWU Format Change. Hope no one gets made. Just wanted to let them know how much I liked their old stuff. And me being me had to try and put a little humor in.
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