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  1. I'll make sure to snap some great pics and post them! Who knows i'll bring my microscope and take some samples. You never know what's out there, haha. Thanks!
  2. Oh it's safe, Just not very great for a tourist, haha. It's not going to be violent and if it does get to that point i'll be safe and sound at a remote location soon enough. Same thing here though, if you ever do make the journey! It's a nice country, as long as you don't end up in the middle of a protest lol. I'm not too worried.
  3. You sure you want to, right now? There's loads of protests here at the moment. BLM is died down a little after violent outcomes. Corona measurements are being protested, who claim the democracy is dead and the country is in danger. And on the other hand farmers are protesting against nuttigen pollution measurements again. Just like they did last year but a LOT bigger. We're heading towards a possible civillian coup at the moment and The Hague and Amsterdam are hotspots too. But other than that, i'm glad our numbers in corona cases are down and we're slowly getting out of measurements though 1,5M (6ft) distancing is still a thing and no sight to when that ends. We'll see how it goes. There even are rumors that they're trying to make the three Northern provincies independant from The Netherlands. Who knows how this all turns out. As a tourists i wouldn't want to be here right now. Thankfully the farmers protests are quite peacefull and without violence,. But chances on travelling through the country by cat is basically out of the question right now. And thanks! Who knows we might run into eachother when i'm there. I'm not very touristy so i'll be popping over to some pubs and stuff for sure as well.
  4. Well i'm Dutch, so the train is not problem for me basically the same as UK but a little more extreme even, haha. I mean, we're a country of which half of the country should quite literally be under water. It gets WET Just heard the UK doesn't do quarantaine anymore with people from certain countries and Netherlands is in that list, so i might just go very soon...
  5. Count me in as a tourists lol! I've visited London so many times now i know the way, but Scotland is new to me. But interrailing gives a nice opportunity to travel around, so maybe as a honeymoon next year. Hopefully, when the UK is open for foreigners without isolation.... I love British and mainly Scottish folklore, there are sooo many aside from Nessie!
  6. Personally i also stick with the parents theory, but honestly British culture is so different from American culture and just basing their guilt on the first thing the mother said isn't cutting it for me, simply because "they've taken her" van mean a million things depending on context. For me, it was the downright anger they showed about the Netflix series. Which is a very critisicing series, but as a patent one would think they'd be happy with any kind of attention in order to find what happened to her... Unless they already knew. They not only refused to be interviewed themselves after being asked several times, they also forbid family and friends to speak up. Like, why? I mean, it was critisicing for sure and they dove right into some complot theories that are really farfetched. But they could have collaborated and say they should focus on finding Maddie, not Just the theories surrounding her dissappearance. But nope, they simply got mad. Like, really really pissed up to the point they have tried to sue Netflix. They lost, obviously... But everything about that response is just sketchy. And if you add up their behaviour in other interviews and speeches, it just makes no sense. Also the fact they have money like water basically, makes me very much aware they could have bribed the officers that we're investigating both of them as prime suspects. So the fact they are dismissed doesn't mean a whole lot to me. They at least know wat more than they've ever let on. And i don't think we'll ever really know what happened to the little girl.
  7. My next trip is to Scotland. I'll let you know when i get there, lol. I don't really believe, as it might as well be a whale or something. The Loch has a direct connection to the sea and the area is sparse enough to casually swim back and forth. Some people say it might even be a shark or even a small population of Plesiosaurus that might have survived for 65 million years. Who knows... The world is full of surprises!
  8. Well, to update this topic, there was an update in Belgium media on the case. Don't know if it's translatable via the link, but i'll give a translated conclusion of it here. https://m.hln.be/nieuws/buitenland/-hoofdverdachte-in-zaak-maddie-filmde-zijn-misdaden~ac6335d7/?referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F The German Christian Brückner is now a prime suspect after they found several USB sticks next to the buried body of his dog. The man filmed his crimes and footage of him abusing another woman with a metal pole has been found amongst other disturbing footage of other victims. They don't want to disclose if there is footage of Madeleine on the sticks, but they already knew for two years that she is in fact dead. They have found several young girls clothes and a swimsuit that may or may not have been Madeleine's. It appears he had been around the same area as the McCanns at the same time and registered his Jaguar to a different name the very next day after Madeleine's dissappearance.
  9. Haha, well i'm still no werewolf. Gosh i wish
  10. I remember people in the comments saying it might have been a distraction for something sketchy happening inside of the buildings as the phone kept ringing every time he wanted to get to his car. It was so weird!
  11. Deffinitally! Would love to have an EWU video on this.
  12. Allegedly, the aliens would still be around somewhere and they've never been found. There's an urban myth in Western Europe that the aliens from WW1 might still be among us but have taken a human form to blend in. Some people have even claimed that their ancestors are from space and they're not really humans themselves or they're halfhumans. Something like that. We've had some history lessons at middle school that involved this. Years ago though so i don't really know.
  13. I'm a board member of the local press, a pressphotographer and journalist. Which all is voluntary as our press agency is a simple local initiative without government funding, so we solely run on advertisements, mainly Google Ads. For my main job i run a hedgehog research & education center. Considering it's online and a very small business though i have global customers, i work alone and i'm a webdesigner, course developer, independant scientist and much, much more. It's the world's only specialised research center into hedgehogs specifically as they're pretty underaestimated.
  14. Copying my reaction from Facebook group here With all the negativity going around i fully understand the decision. I personally LOVE this kind of content as i do some missing persons research myself and these cases are very intrigueging! I once joked about how i would be disappointed if Rooney wasn't narrating, but i don't really mind who it is as it sounds good either way. Good job on deciding to keep that undisclosed as they might have been harassed as well. Do people really harass someone over this stuff though?! I mean, anyone following your forum online could've seen you guys commenting on stuff as usual.. while most people might have been genuinly concerned, it's not that hard to find out you're fine as it is. The way i see it after following a few YT's, the more you tell about your personal life, the more people want to know and claim to be entitled to know. Which is something i've also seen on this group. Like, as if anyone ever is entitled to know... So i think, especially with younger children being part of the crew, it's deff a smart move to keep things closed off. You never know what kind of creep might be stalking and harassing them as you'd go along.. and you've already been in some sketchy situations as far as i've seen. I love the content and will deff keep following! Wishing you all a safe and loving time all the way form The Netherlands if you ever decide to fly over here, send me a message! I know a few good locations for urban exploring or historical war scènes. One of which includes a nice little town where the queen of our country resided in WW1. .... P.s. Rooney. I swear i'm not a stalker ain't nobody got time for that!
  15. Wow, that's pretty intrueging! I'm deff putting some.good research skills to use tomorrow, i wanna know lol! Here's another one i have actually observes a lot while doing internships and animal care studies... Naked mole-rat or sand puppy. They love in Eastern Africa and survive mostly Underground in very harsh environments. They are closely related to the Blesmole. Damaraland mole-rats and Naked mole-rats are the only eusocial mammals known on the entire planet, which is the highest classificatie of sociality. Meaning they're more social than a group of ants! Because they don't see any sunlight and live in complete darkness, these animals are both deaf and blind as any sound would echo through their caves and make them deaf anyway. They also don't communicatie by sound but by smell (they stink... Horribly, haha). They love in large groups in sandy tunnels, much like ants and have a similar hierarchy in regards to which mole carries good, which ones care for the offspring, which takes care of dead moles, etc. They're highly intelligent too and can adjust to any New given taks when another mole fietsmand needs to be replaced. They're fascinating little creatures!
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