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  1. Hi Dave,

      I just love all the jewels you have in there "raw"form. I think I told you once, ( I have a very bad memory ) that I collect already cut, calibrated jewels. Today I received in the post 2 sapphires 10 and five ct. give or take. Two huge red zircons, a big red topaz. 10 tiny tiny tiny sky blue topaz. A beautiful Aquamarine. And a huge neon orange zircon. And as per the norm, my jeweler will be telling me tomorrow if they are real or not. I get some great jewels from Sir Lanka, Burma, Paraguay and OF COURSE lots of stuff from Brazil. Bought from jewelers in India. I have had very good luck with India and China, as far as not selling me glass. Thailand, forget it.



    1. That other Dave

      That other Dave

      I'd like to see some close up shots of those.   

    2. SirMarkFrederick


      I have a crapola camera but I'll see what I can do.

  2. Welcome to the club and to EWU forums.

  3. Welcome to the Club and to EWU forums

  4. Hey are you from Washington state?

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