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  1. The beginning of the modern ufo era. I look at Mount Rainier daily. See a lot of lenticular clouds through the seasons. Once seen a tethered balloon that was anchored much closer but looked like a UFO from my vantage point. I realized what it was when they lowered it back down. Came down lots closer than the Mountain.
  2. Lol no noooo it's the alligator people that live in Mount Rainier!!! According to the local cult anyway.
  3. Chalcedony and quartz are the same thing Highlander. Just one is noncrystalline. Cryptocrystalline. Take a white porcelain tile without any glaze to it and scratch the black stuff across it. See what color the streak is.
  4. Apparently there was a couple casualties in the shipping. I apologize for the delay. And the broken pieces
  5. My buddy got lost down in there for a couple days back in the late 90s. Ended up coming across a group of guys out looking for someone else that was lost. Turned out he was only about a mile from where he parked his truck.
  6. A jug of Mad Dog fortified wine!!! Ewwww yucky
  7. Those are all great places. But I want to visit all the abandoned places. Like Anyox. Kitsault etc
  8. Dont worry I'm going to post another one for this month. That went far too fast.
  9. Ok we have a winner but it was far too fast. Highlander won too fast. He's part Ninja or something. I will have to extend this months giveaway. Add another specimen. Round 2.2 So others can get a chance
  10. No.. you are correct Highlander. I was just trying to see how you came to that determination. Scolecite, Natrolite and Mesolite were the 3 most likely possibilities.
  11. What are the other two minerals closely related to Natrolite?
  12. Darzen why do you believe this is from the Feldspar group?
  13. I am sorry I haven't been on the last few weeks. I missed all this cool content! Absolutely love atmospheric anomalies and crazy clouds etc! Here's a lenticular cloud formation over Mount Rainier from a couple days ago
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