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  1. A couple of those have been found at my work. Along with a few other whole floaters unfortunately. My work is at the mouth of the puyallup river where it empties into Puget Sound. Not a lot of info was ever disclosed about them from the police. Just minor mentions in the local news.
  2. Worldwide expeditions with members of the EWU forum. The craziest oddest abandoned places anyone can think of. Probably try to invite Josh Gates to come along on some. For his previous experience expertise. That guy's been to all the coolest abandoned places.
  3. The system I use around my property isn't all that expensive. Uses wifi cameras with a range of almost 400 yards. I can access the system on my phone from work or wherever I'm at if I have cell service. Didnt cost Alot. Cameras have night vision built in. I had to add a hard drive to it which wasn't all that expensive either.
  4. Oh my God its the dreaded B.C. Chupacabra!!!
  5. I agree with Shikezi. Junk food is not only fast food. I'm buying the candy assortment.
  6. I like to find old abandoned cemeteries. Usually they are around something else that's been abandoned for just as long. All across Fort Lewis is several smaller pioneer Cemeteries. Usually just a couple graves from an early settlers family. I believe the biggest is only about 6 or so graves. Most the time close by them you'll find remains of a cabin or two. Some fruit trees usually as well. A couple the only thing left is a chimney made rock. And several that's the only thing left still visible is the graves. Out in other areas theres more abandoned cemeteries but I've only been to a few. Theres a well known allegedly haunted one in a notorious location called Starvation Heights. It's now private property and being maintained. But used to be able to go in there. The local kids turned it into a party spot and did a lot of damage. Theres also a vast amount of unmarked graves in a local asylum that's still in operation on a smaller scale. Pretty good sized area that used to include an abandoned complex of buildings. One of my first Urbex explores was there way way way way back. Before there was airplanes and telephones. It's been demolished and removed now. Safety concerns about collapsing and toxic materials asbestos etc. They did use it for earthquake training for a while after blowing them up for a few years. Its counterpart up to the north has had several vids posted on YouTube. Northern State Hospital Sedro Wooley Washington.
  7. Sorry it's taking so long I've been hosed with extra shifts. One more night shift tonight and I'm off thank God. I'll post vids soon I promise
  8. Just remember I'm lacking in the professional EWU Emma editing skills.
  9. It is too new to be from D.B.Cooper. I believe the dogs shredded it themselves. I walked the whole yard and didn't find anything out of the ordinary. We do have a camera system. I watched a few time lapse glimpses and didnt see anyone in my yard. I have asked the two closest neighbors. They have no Idea. Pretty cool if it wasn't shredded. My girlfriend is going to mail it to the treasury department. See if they will reissue some new bills.
  10. I'll be at this place in about an hour or so. Will post some video. Pics. Etc.
  11. Let the hounds out in the back yard to run around. Go out to let them back in and theres shredded money all over. Been stormy windy last few days. Seems to be newer money. I'm not missing any dough. Neither is my girlfriend..
  12. Welcome to the club and to EWU forums.

  13. Welcome to the Club and to EWU forums

  14. A programming error in the CGI software. And lighting differences on the greenscreen.
  15. A lot of the fakes I see are obviously faked. It does has an effect of ruining the serious side of the whole paranormal genre. I think the Bigfoot phenomenon is the most hoaxed along with the general Ghosts/Haunted. UFOs being a close second with that maybe. In fact I can't really think of any paranormal anything that hasn't been blatantly faked a billion times on YouTube. I do understand that some are meant to be a joke or something like Peter Caine's vids. At least fakes are easy to spot for the most part and easily dismissed. Regardless of how gullible the watching audience is. Most of the intelligent crowd will just get bored with it pretty quickly and find something much better to watch.
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