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  1. Nutty Putty cave. Such an innocent name for real life tragedy/nightmare fuel.

  2. As you could tell from profile pic, I drive semi trucks as my day joj. I do whatever it takes to get the joj done right the first time. So I could go home and spend a lot of money the firs... Nevermind the YTP reference, trucking is pretty cool. But since the pandemic began, work's been kind of slow even though it's raw milk we haul. Lots of drivers jumping onto whatever load's are available. Some screaming about only getting 2-4 loads a week. While I just budget myself out and enjoy the more days off a week I get.
  3. Been watching some of the latest videos and that Keddie Cabin definitely brings it back to when I first started watching the channel. No faces in the shot and just some narration. Tell the truth, I at first thought the channel was a desert version of "The Unknown Cameramen". With the new narration and mix of both original footage and news articles, I'm genuinely reinvigorated!! Now if only I could find an EWU facemask!!
  4. Okay then, Benny Russell. Stick to the graphic novels!!
  5. The Sisko has spoken. Of course The Sisko doesn't need no fancy propulsion when power of being a Wormhole Alien allows instantaneous travel to all points in zip!!
  6. I've got a select few channels I watch. EWU, WonderHussy, Aces Adventures, RnK All Day, Carpetbagger, and The Proper People as my top exploration/travel channels. Nothing like a line of fresh content from multiple creators to snort up!!!
  7. Living in a small town, I never had that many friends around here. It's my window to the outside world and some of those bicycle events that I usually go out to. Also keeps me in touch with family in different parts of the globe. Getting rid of it is pretty easy for some. But for the rest of us, it's like going dark once we completely push it to the side.
  8. Of course at the same time, the positive effect the OG format videos had on desert and remote area explores will probably be quite significant whenever this pandemic finally comes to a controllable conclusion. If anything, the EWU crew did it right for the territory(I honestly still see more Northeast/East Coast explore channels and vids than I do anything based out of the southwest). They seemed to have more or less lived close to the action and respected the lands they traversed through and through. These click-baity explorers based out of downtown LA or whatever urban landscape that shovel out the low-brow content like coal into the furnace seemed to be doing it all for the views and the shock value. EWU on the other hand has shown us more of the desert than any of us even living there have seen in years. Many secrets and mysteries abound in the vast expanse of CA/NV/AZ/UT. Let their exit from the OG format not be a sad end, but a new beginning for both the channel and a continued inspiration for us as viewers. But that goes without saying. For the newfound explorers picking this up as hobby is stay safe, be respectful towards the land, use the videos as a guide, and don't end up becoming a story yourself.
  9. Living out here in NM and also driving a semi tanker between here and CO while passing through TX and OK, I got to get creative with "breather points". I'd say as of the last month, I've been routinely parking at a 7-11 truck stop off of the 25 in Firestone CO east of Longmont. Carls Jr, Starclucks, and a Del Taco in proximity. And there's also St Vrain State Park a few miles away if I decide to pull my bicycle off the back and go for a ride. But if there's one go-to spot for general kick back and eating lunch in my pickup or leaning against my motorcycle, the Fort Sumner/Billy The Kid gravesite is a chill place to park it. Had to make a little trip up to Santa Rosa and back today and decided to pull in here for a little tailgate, social distancing picnic.
  10. Totally understand getting back behind the scenes. The entire family in there was cool for a bit. But even I knew that couldn't last long with all the weird drama being directed at the crew. And yes, EWU Bob has an outstanding voice. I liken it to a west coast version of Robb from RnK All Day!!
  11. Probably just testing of different aircraft and systems like many have suggested. Fly it out from Edwards, land out there, and do whatever. Of course, regular training by USAF and other branches probably occurs out there as well. I know out here in Clovis NM, there's Cannon AFB and the adjoining, but distant Melrose Air Force Range. Lots of special ops fun stuff usually goes down out there what with all the low flying Ospreys heading out into the prairie!!
  12. Keeping this thread alive, I'm kind of split between smooth RnB, smooth jazz, or electronic tracks. Of course another thing I've recently gotten into is making extended loop versions of songs I like. It's one thing to keep hitting repeat. But when you loop that track properly, you've got a smooth hour or more of easy listening of that particular beat. I made an hour long version of this one last night. I first listened to this CD back in '99 when I was 16. I then rediscover this track. Can't stop listening.
  13. Too many to list. But being a member of some state-related, New Mexico "memories" groups, I was recently brought to the attention of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Jennings_Fountain during a discussion of a Hillsboro NM and its time as the former county seat of Sierra county(Now Truth or Consequences). Case seemed pretty brutal. No one was charged and the bodies were never found and this was back in 1896. The longer time seems to stand still on these cold cases, the higher the probability they'll remain cold. I mean, the last people that were alive when these trials were held are long gone now. Perhaps some of these random skeletal remains that are happened upon in the deserts and forests are the long lost remains of unfortunate murder victims. But with the trials and involved parties no longer around, it's hard to tell really.
  14. I'm thinking it might've been in one of their livestreams, or dare I mention the name, a Wonderhussy video!! Either way, I'll probably see about re-exploring some of these spots and getting back out to those Boulder rides whenever the global fugliness finally reaches a true sense of calm. Oh, and here's a couple of rides from last year where I was jocking the EWU merch. First pic was TNSR 10 year down in Austin, the second is a Boulder roof-top at the last Happy Thursday I was at. Definitely mad and dangerous to be doing this right now.
  15. EWU and a couple of other channels have been there before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desert_View_Tower Of course that shot was taken back in 2011 when the tower was under maintenance that day. I was bobtailing in my semi-tractor so it was a little easier to park nearby and walk up to it.
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