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  1. On August 8th I was having lunch with my oldest son out in the Arden area of Sacramento and as we were sitting in the restaurant eating I saw this almost blinding light out of the window so of course the noisy person I'am i got up and ran outside and took a few pics. here is my 2 min in the spot light lol my interview with a reporter from channel 10 news. Would love to hear what you guys might think it is because ice crystals in august and temp that day was 104 i doubt and besides they don't move through the sky and change shape or do they?
  2. Hi @EWU Bob feb1 1982 my parents went for their evening walk along the levy of the sacramento river. They were approached by 2 men and 1 woman at gun point. I was told that they tied both of my parents hands behind their backs and sat them both back to back on the ground. There was some sort of argument or disagreement between the 3 and at that point my dad told my mom that on the count of 3 they would help eachother rise to their feet and for her to run as fast as she could in the direction she was facing and go to the first person or home anywhere that she could get help and he would do the same. So on the count of 3 thats what they both did. The first shot grazed past my dads ear as he ran the second shot hit him in the back of his right arm and caused him to fall and roll down the levy. There was one more shot which fatally hit my mother in her back. She was killed instantly. My father was able to get someone in the neighborhood to open their door and call 911. My parents grew up in the projects in seavey cir they both went to Mc clatchy high school so they were both very familar with the area and im sure most of the people. They dated as young teens got married and then divorced before i was even born. My mom was unable to have children due to some sort of complication with her ovaries she ended up having a surgery after trying for several years and finally got pregnant with me some 8 years down the road.. you know everyone has their thoughts or beliefs of what happend that day and to be honest their is only one person who truly knows what happend and that person was my dad who not only passed two different polygraph test but was tied up and wounded himself. Now as for my drug addicted uncle whom @Powderedtoastman speaks of in his post did infact die from an overdose but that was 10 years down the road and yes my dad did remarry but i was 5 years old by that time so the ( brother mysteriously dying from a supposed suicide and the husband taking the couple’s 18 month old daughter and remarried shortly after.) sure that happened yes but doesnt sound as bad now that you know how many years after they took place. Oh and the no suspects part well funny thing i recieved a call from the cold case detective a couple days ago and as far as i knew there was never any suspects but now there aparantly was one. Too bad he is already dead. Dont know yet who that is but will soon find out and maybe might bring some sort of closer to everything I just hope to god I dont know who the person is but then again I hope i do and then it all clicks and makes sense and I can finally stop trying to figure it all out there is only one thing that really gets to me about all of this and thats when i was in high school my peer councling elective class topic one day was about helping people to cope and deal with the loss of a loved one and I brought my mothers death/murder up and my teacher at the time (Mr. O'toole) said that he remember that day and seeing it on the news he said he didn't know my mom but it was all over the news and it was a day that the people of sacramento could never forget. I had mentioned that i had things to remember her by like my baby books and pictures and a diary that my mother wrote in every day from the day i was born up until a few days before she died along with all the news paper clippings from that day and what not. Mr. otoole asked if i minded bringing in what i had to share with the class and so i did if fact he asked if he could keep it the day i brought it in and check it all out during lunch and read the articles well I left my diary was running late for soccer practice that day never made it back to the class to get the weekend passes monday morning back at school and no more peer counceling or Mr o'toole. I have been searching for him as well. So im hoping when i see and talk to this detective he will be able to locate and help me get my diary back.........
  3. Im the Daughter of Mary Ellen Barker and David Barker.. For most of my almost 40 years of life ive been trying to put the pieces together I do have a question for You Powdertoastman? You mention my uncle in your post Why is that? Did you know my mother? Im very curious to know and i have so many more questions for you and would like to possibly speak to you if that would be at all possible
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