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  1. A couple of days after he went missing, his partner found out she was pregnant with his child, a little baby girl who has never been able to meet her father... That poor family
  2. This is a case that remains cold, with no new information being shared with the public since 2018 - This is the Disappearance of Corrie McKeague Sadly, Corrie went missing not far from me in England - So I thought I would share... The Case Corrie McKeague (born 16 September 1993) went missing in the early hours of 24 September 2016 in the Bury St Edmunds area of Suffolk, England. Before disappearing, he worked as a Royal Air Force Regiment gunner. McKeague was last seen, on town centre CCTV footage, entering a cul-de-sac which contained a number of wheelie bins. His mobile phone was tracked via GPS from phone masts along a route between Bury St Edmunds and a landfill site near Barton Mills. Suffolk Constabulary were initially reluctant to search the site for McKeague's remains because a bin lorry that had travelled that route at that time had been estimated to have been carrying a load of only 15 kilograms (33 lb). In March 2017, however, the police discovered that the lorry had a significantly larger weight; more than 100 kilograms (220 lb). Whilst McKeague's disappearance remains under investigation and the case continues to attract widespread publicity, the belief by authorities, but not the family, is that McKeague was crushed to death by the bin lorry and his remains are at the Barton Mills landfill. Suffolk Constabulary have spent more than £2.1 million investigating McKeague's disappearance, making it one of the most expensive missing persons investigations that the force has conducted and in the words of Suffolk police, brought unique pressures on the force. The search for McKeague was stood down in March 2018. Information above is an excerpt from Wikipedia - further information can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disappearance_of_Corrie_McKeague
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  5. It’s colours look ultraviolet! It’s beautiful I like the way it is so vibrant looking in the water but appear to become more pastel out of the water. It makes me wonder if there was a particular reason why they evolved that way...
  6. I work at a British Motor Racing Circuit. Involved in the motorsports industry.
  7. It looks a bit like a cartoon submarine. The clear globe of its head could be the cock pit... I can imagine little people piloting it from there...
  8. Atretochoana Eiselti Or 'Penis Snake' Atretochoana eiselti is a species of caecilian with a broad, flat head and a fleshy dorsal fin on the body. Although it is not a snake, it's been called a 'penis snake' in the media.
  9. Macropinna Microstoma Macropinna microstoma is a species of fish that lives at a depth of about 600 metres (2,000 ft) to 800 metres (2,600 ft), hanging nearly motionless in the water. It is quite unusual with a transparent, fluid-filled dome on its head, through which the lenses of its eyes can be seen.
  10. Dumbo Octopus Dumbo octopus is an umbrella octopus found all around the world. Its name comes from Disney's "Dumbo" because of the creature's ears bearing similarity to the movies' title character.
  11. Venezuelan Poodle Moth Discovered in Venezuela in 2009, this new species of alien-looking moth has poodle-like fur covering its head, thorax, abdomen, and even its wings. I think it looks like a real life Pokemon!
  12. Portuguese man o’ war The Portuguese man o’ war is a bizarre creature. In fact, biologists know it as several creatures in one — it’s known as an aggregate animal that is made up of many smaller organisms working together. But other than its bizarre appearance and biological makeup, the thing is deadly. While it might look like a jellyfish, the thing is most certainly not. However, it can sting like a jellyfish. Moreover, these stings have been known on occasion to kill. So if you’re swimming off the shores of Florida, where they sometimes wash ashore, you might want to watch out for this bad boy.
  13. Red-lipped batfish If you’ve ever wondered what a fish would look like with a pair of those large, waxy candy lips, well, here you go. As much as you might try to tell this bizarre animal to turn its frown upside down, it will continue to stare at you with droopy lips. To add to its oddities, the red-lipped batfish stands on the ocean floor with its fins acting like legs. It isn’t the best swimmer, but it does use the strange protruding horn on its forehead to apparently attract prey.
  14. Helmeted hornbill This unreal-looking bird is actually critically endangered because people just can’t get enough of the horn on its bill. The weird part of this bird’s head is called a “casque”; people hunt the birds for their casques, which they then carve into art and jewellery. Helmeted hornbills use their casques to fight each other midair over fig trees and territories in the forests of Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, it’s made them a target for poachers. Starting in 2011, 6,000 birds were killed per year to feed the demand in China.
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