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  1. The home working day has started and I've already found myself on EWU... There is going to be little productivity today...

    1. wimc


      So how was your not working day.

    2. xTiffAngelx


      Ha ha, still not productive... Think I've done a few emails and that is about it. Submerged myself in reading up on cold cases and unsolved mysteries...

  2. Working from home today and tomorrow, actually means I'm probably going to be on ewucrew all day...whoops

  3. Happy Birthday @ArcticThunder! Hope your having a great day! 🥳

    1. ArcticThunder


      Thank you xTiffAngelx.

  4. How’s it going EWU family? What time is it where you all are? It’s just gone 8pm here in England! It’s still sweltering!


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    2. xTiffAngelx


      @NiallNWD Bloody thunder flies are definitely annoying me today. So much so that while I was at work I was reluctant to go outside! Working at a race circuit, that’s kinda difficult!


      @dvaz92 what sorta temp is it there right now? I’m guessing in Cali you’re used to more heat than us British!

    3. dvaz92


      @xTiffAngelxIt is about 77 degrees here.  It can get pretty hot here but not as hot as some other places in the US lol

    4. xTiffAngelx


      @dvaz92 77F that’s like 33/34C right? It was 36C here yesterday, but as @NiallNWD said we are due a thunderstorm and some heavy rain now - typical English weather! 
      I would have loved to have been in the sun yesterday, sadly work got in the way 😞 

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