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  1. ICED AMERICANO, and COLD BREW!! Iced lemon tea is also awesome tooooooo
  2. Hello!!! Thank you for the warm welcome, and welcome to the community!!
  3. I have wondered if the solitude and silence within the forest are factors leading to suicide as one is so consumed with their own thoughts, and trying to get away from them. Thank you for sharing this interesting info about Akigahara @ArcticThunder!!
  4. HAHAHAHA my friend got pranked by his niece and it was hella funny! I remember reading (Singapore's true ghost stories) that drawing on another's face when s/he is sleeping will lead to death as his/her spirit is unable to recognise the owner when it "returns". As the spirit leaves the body, the person dies.
  5. This story is hella intriguing, chilling, and sad, and it sucks to see that Peg took her life so young. I think her haunting the Hollywood Sign reflects how much she loved Hollywood, and her being unable to let go of the fact that she was cut to 4 mins after much struggle to land a role. Also, her haunting feels like she's there to warn other aspiring actresses/actors the perils of sinking in too deep into the industry. I am so intrigued by this story that i went to google further, and found this video by Hayley Reese It was chilling after I saw the images... guess I won't be sleeping tonight! Thank you for sharing in-depth regarding this story! Love the bit where you shared about the sightings by the 4 friends ( on Syfy's Paranormal Witness) @NiallNWD
  6. WOW at the atrocities committed by McElroy, and the fact that he was able to get away with them. Even though it's great to hear that justice is finally served, and the town can finally rest easy., it sucks that his girlfriend had to bloody her hands to do so... Thank you for sharing about him @NiallNWD!
  7. Thank you so much @NiallNWD for sharing and for your post recommendations! They look hella interesting, and lemme check them out!
  8. Double rainbow was seen across Singapore just as we were leaving Circuit Breaker (aka quarantine but with lesser restrictions), and it was amazing!! Had to pull images (all credited) as my view was blocked by other high-rise buildings. 

    Image 1: osmanthus_tan on ig 

    Image 2: zeehannie on ig 


    Wanted to take this opportunity to shed some light and hope amidst the pain from the  effects of novel coronavirus, and the protests happening in Hong Kong and United States. 


    Stay safe wherever you are!! 




    1. Spida


      Looks cool

      Thanks for sharing 

  9. I am sorry that you guys had to witness this, and kudos to you guys for circling back and showing concern to a stranger. Should you guys not circle back, the family members and/or loved ones of the guy might not get their closure since he was found in an deserted area.... Emma's post reflects how fragile and fleeting life is. Also, stay safe EWU crew given that there's a mysterious white Toyota sedan near the red truck!
  10. hello @xTiffAngelx!!
  11. thank you!! @Spida and @NiallNWD for the warm welcome
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