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  1. You can’t tell me this isn’t cool AF. Practicality? Not really. Home defense? Yes https://americanguncraft.com/product/diablo-break-open-12-gauge-pistol-black-grips/
  2. Definitely the wrong area.
  3. Is that a break barrel? I have a couple different ones and a pcp. That one I really like. The .22 is a good all around round. My next one is going to be the Hatsan bully in .25 with a silencer.
  4. Best way to get rid trolls and haters is to not fuel their fire. Your family has stayed its case about the channels future and that’s that. No more explanation needed. Maybe pin it at the top of the forum in the home page and lock it so no one can comment. You know, for those idiots that can’t read
  5. Fucking animals. If they don’t agree with or don’t like the change they know where the door is at. I’m sure everyone can part ways and still be happy. But apparently some people want more than your guys explanations. Not quite sure what they want but here they are demanding whatever.
  6. Anything heavy metal. Lean towards 80’s hair bands. FFDP, pantera..... etc. gotta keep the blood pumping.
  7. Yeah that’s creepy even by my standards. Assholes can’t just sit and wait for an explanation like a normal person. They want the chance at their 15 minutes of fame for cracking the “what happened to the EWU family mystery”. F’n people anyway now days sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong.
  8. My back yard. An acre with a 24’ pool. I can’t get out and explore because I’m broken. That’s the main reason I really enjoy and appreciate EwuBob and family. The channel is sweet for someone like me who has to live vicariously through them.
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