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  1. it is a good chance to investigate to see if it's actually haunted or not. haha
  2. yeah, it's where everyone can hang out and chat.
  3. had you guys thought of making a discord server where everyone can go into voice chat, or chat in the server? just thought of that idea.
  4. the money looks to be too new to be DB cooper.
  5. Welcome Alex! im also from socal haha
  6. I have a fear/anxiety of having to always make someone happy, so if they wanted to do this or this I would tell them yeah ill do that or so forth. if I tell them no I feel guilty for rejecting it or doing something they disagree on.
  7. Has anyone been to ultra music festival, EDC, or Tomorrowworld before? if so what do you think of it?
  8. why did you want to live in the middle of nowhere, why not move back to the city where everything is close by?
  9. their are people who fake that stuff, but for me personally i do believe in the paranormal.
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