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  1. Do you know if anyone would be willing to interview over the phone?
  2. Hi Pat, Not yet, but soon we should get some new content up for Patrons. We have just been focusing on trying to produce one quality video every day, but we still a little ways away from being able to produce one a day, but we are getting closer.
  3. Thanks Ody, super busy, but in a good way! Things are going better than ever for us!
  4. Our latest video has dropped, and it's #1 out of our last 10 uploads! The views and subs continue to rise at record numbers for our channel! So happy to see how many viewers, old and new, who are enjoying the content! https://youtu.be/VkWoQ9XBuF4
  5. I am sure I could figure it out if I had some extra time, but it does look familiar to me.
  6. Thanks Martin, it's a pretty big achievement as we only had around 10,000 followers until a few weeks ago. Seems Facebooks users really enjoy the new content.
  7. Today we hit 40,000 followers on Facebook, that was after spending years hovering around 10,000 followers! It's so amazing seeing the positive response to our new content. Thank you all!!
  8. Thank you so much Angie, your comment means so much to us! Sylvia Likens, I am going to add to our list now if it's not already on the list. Do you know any non-public information on the case, or is it just a case that peaked your interest?
  9. Thanks, I don't think I have ever heard of this case before, going to take a look now.
  10. Thanks benskev, we have almost hit 40K follows on Facebook! Many of our videos on Facebook have gotten more views than our videos on YouTube! Totally unexpected, but in a good way!
  11. EWU Bob

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    Thanks Nial!
  12. Thank you Martin, we are still learning this new niche of content, so we plan to continue to improve in every aspect, but it means a lot to us that you feel the production quality is good!
  13. Thanks Christie, it means a lot to us that you enjoyed the old content, but after so many years of exploring, it can get repetitive. We still have a lot of improving to do on the new content since it's still new to us, but we are so happy with how positive the feedback has been after making such a change on our channel.
  14. Thank you so much American Explorer! It gets old after doing it for 5 years and change is always good, variety of life and all! After a while, all the places start to look the same. It's main reason we stopped exploring mines as well as they get so boring, usually not much to see in the old mines. We have a new vision and are super excited to continue our journey in this new direction! Our channel is doing so much better than it ever has, and we have been so surprised by the positive response for both new and original viewers alike! The future looks bright!
  15. Thank you, our Facebook page is going crazy too!
  16. EWU Bob


    Hello Rick, Thanks for the comment, we are so happy to hear you enjoyed the old content, but we have decided to change the direction of our channel and will no longer be making those types of videos.
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