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  1. I don't think I would want to go to that forest tbh, there are far too many people currently taking their own lives there, not something I would want to see.
  2. I don't know why YouTubers feel the need to attack each other, it makes no sense. We have never attacked anyone unprovoked, only responded to those who have attacked us for absolutely no reason. When Wonderhussy was given a new 4runner by one of her fans, she was getting a ton of hate from her community, and we tried to show her some support because we felt bad for her and genuinely wanted to see her succeed. Before she decided to attack us for absolutely no reason, we were wishing her nothing but success, up voting her videos, and suggesting her content to anyone interested in other channels. It seems after she started hanging out with that Larry guy, she decided to start take swipes at us. I am not sure, but I can't help but think Larry may of had something to do with it because before she started hanging out with that guy, she was always friendly towards us. I still have no idea why she decided to start taking swipes at us, but I can only assume someone was talking in her ear and making her jealous of our views as she seemed to mention how we get a lot of views (which we honestly have never been happy with our views, and are still not). YouTubers should be working together to help each other and to lift each other up, not tear each other down. Just because someone watches one channel doesn't mean they won't also like another channel in the same genre. Whatever, she showed her true colors.
  3. Ryan and Shane do an excellent job on the Buzzfeed unsolved, always fun to watch their ghost hunts.
  4. Last I heard he was having some issue that caused him to make all his videos private. I am not sure what happened to that video, but it seems to be gone too.
  5. I figured they would have left the gate open, but nice to see they still have it "locked" up, but I thought it was funny that they now have another entrance just up the hill for the private security forces. I wonder if anyone accidentally crosses there now.
  6. Welcome to the community Tassie!
  7. Anything changed out there? Do they still have the gate on Groom Road?
  8. I am pretty sure you can see the same spot in Kenny's video and I don't think he really found anything.
  9. Awesome, looking forward to seeing your report (video??)! Stay safe out there!
  10. Went for a walk tonight with the family and spotted 4 rattlesnakes, looks like it's going to be a good year for rattlesnakes! 

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    2. Savannahrose880


      I’m going to Arizona in 2 weeks and I’m absolutely terrified of seeing one. Idk what I would do. I’m so scared 😂

    3. wimc


      You can have them.

    4. benskev


      why were politicians, i mean rattlesnakes in your area? i mean usually they come out closer to election time.

  11. Welcome to the community Loudmouth!
  12. I think the last TV show I watched was the first three or four seasons of The Walking Dead. We don't have cable since we don't watch much TV. Mostly watch YouTube.
  13. Welcome to the community Deathie. 

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