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  1. EWU Bob

    My New Addiction

    I haven't spent much time shooting my ar, so this is something I am going to have to remember (until I get suppressors). I plan on spending a lot more time with my AR's whenever I have the free time.
  2. EWU Bob

    My New Addiction

    I also need some more time with my Remington 597, with the new Volquartsen Extractor, I think the issues I was having will finally be solved. I was thinking of getting some suppressors from here, seems they help you get set up with everything you need to legally possess a suppressor, shipped right to your door. It would be nice to be able to go to the range and now have to wear hearing protection. BTW, I see a lot of people who shoot AR's using both plugs and over the ear protection.
  3. EWU Bob

    My New Addiction

    I want to build a 300 blackout, but then I am going to have to start labeling my magazines. What is your favorite ar optic? I do have an AR .308 80% lower that I want to mill out. I am curious how the top poverty pony is going to shoot. I used a nice Aero Nickel Boron BCG, checked head space, and it seems good to go. I can't wait to get to the range.
  4. EWU Bob

    My New Addiction

    Yes, these are only my 5.56 AR 15's, I also got some other rifles, but I am having some fun building the AR platform. I still need to get a scope on my Colt, which should be here later this week, but I am going to keep the iron sights for co-witness.
  5. EWU Bob

    My New Addiction

    Lowers were delivered this morning, but they are "not ready yet". I won't be using that FFL again, thankfully I like to buy everyone online anyway, so any chance I will shop with them in the future is nill. Considering there is about a 3 to 5 day back log of background checks, I won't get a chance to sight in the new rifles until next week at the earliest.
  6. Interesting case, not sure what to think, but Welch is a pretty interesting character.
  7. Thanks for the link Aaron, it's interesting because after we dropped that video, we had a lot of ex-FLDS contact us about it and were very supportive and appreciative of the video. I wanted to get them to sit down to interview, but they were all afraid, not of the FLDS, but of those outside the FLDS who may target them. They all still have communications with their family members inside the FLDS and still speak of the good times they had growing up in the community. One was even kicked out, but he still supported and enjoyed his childhood in the church and said he would have stayed if was allowed too.
  8. Welcome to the community Aaron, we would love to hear more about your story with the FLDS and eventually interview your parents once this whole Corona thing blows over.
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