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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, do you have any more details on the case?
  2. You can definitely post it here, and I am sorry to hear about your friend. What a strange disappearance. Are there any theories as to what happened?
  3. Thanks, I don't think I will be doing much wrenching, I gave up turning wrenches when I started buying new vehicles with warranties. Besides the few small mods here and there, I would rather drive, and not wrench.
  4. Awesome, thank you for the suggestion. I have no idea why I didn't get notified of this post!
  5. EWU Bob

    Shah Harbor

    Thank you for the suggestion, it sounds very interesting. I am going to research it now.
  6. EWU Bob


    Yeah, the spell checking can be super annoying! I hate it when I keep trying to type in the correct word that it doesn't understand and it keeps correcting it over and over!
  7. EWU Bob


    For some reason I don't get notifications of new posts on the forums, so I gotta look into the settings.
  8. YouTube has a lot of bugs unfortunately, and they always seem to cause the most trouble for creators and their subs.
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