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  1. Makes sense as to why it's spreading so quickly, and why it's so incredibly contagious. Hopefully they are wrong, but it sure does seem to spread like wildfire wherever it shows up.
  2. I know where a few of those arrows are located, but I haven't bothered to stop by and check one out yet.
  3. We just went out to the desert, but seemed every business in this area was packed with workers, all the warehouses, everything. They don't seem to be shutting anything down around here. I guess they think they are immune or something, this is what will keep it going for months to come, only being reactive once they all start getting stick.
  4. I would love to see that kind of content, so if you do it, please be sure to share a link to your channel.
  5. I bet you could pick up editing pretty quick, there are a ton of YouTube tutorials on every single editing software out there. I think you should give it a try!
  6. Just got back from taking this kids out for target practice and we all had a blast. I need to get a youth rifle for Charlie, seems my little 22 lr is still too heavy for him. 

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    2. Kevin


      That's awesome, I wish you could do gun videos on your second channel but I know you can't because of YouTube's stupid rules.  I currently only have two guns a Walther P22 and a Stevens 410 shotgun.  I going to get a Glock 17 9mm or a Glock 20 10mm but haven't decided which one yet.  If I get an AR-15 I would go with the Smith and Wesson M&P Sport 2.  Just waiting on my stimulus check, lol!

    3. NiallNWD


      That nice to have a little target practices for your kids , one question  you teaching them to defend themselves from troublesome and weirdos ?

    4. Darzen Rodrigues

      Darzen Rodrigues

      Awesome, I got glock 17 9mm and I do need AR but haven't decided on what to get, I still need to do research on it

  7. The barbicide seems pretty awesome TBH, you can mix 2 ounces of barbicide with 32 ounces of water and have a hospital level disinfectant that kills almost everything. I bought a few gallons not realizing you need to mix it with water, so I guess I am going to have enough for about 2 years!
  8. Welcome Savannah, so great to see you over here! 

  9. That sucks, hopefully they will get it all under control where you live. Have you checked Costco? They have started to place limits on purchases.
  10. What types of products are you having a hard time finding during this whole Covid 19 mess? I can't find any disinfectant wipes, and no rubbing alcohol. I can find most everything else, but Chicken Thighs were scarce until just this week.
  11. I have a hard time with metal detecting, just like I do with fishing, I don't have enough patience.
  12. How you holding up Dave? Any cases of the Covid 19 in your neck of the desert? 

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    2. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Damn, all it takes is one AH to ruin it for an entire town!

      We haven't been around anyone and have been isolating our mail for a week before opening it just to make sure. With the wife being pregnant, she is considered high risk. All packages we receive are all disinfected before we bring them inside. It's such a PITA and I am probably overreacting, but better safe than sorry. 

      I drove through Sparks and all the warehouse parking lots are full, so they continue to work as normal. Going to make things much worse. 

    3. DAW89446


      There are people in town who still think this virus is a Democrat inspired hoax and cough and sneeze in public and pick fights with anyone who will spar and argue with them. Sickening.

    4. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      WTF, people are seriously that stupid?? What a shame, hopefully they don't have to find out the truth the hard way. 

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