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  1. What you posted reminded me of the girl they found on Mount Rose Highway by a family cutting down a Christmas tree. If I remember correctly, she was very close to where her vehicle was found. SAR had spent something like 3 days searching for her. That's why I never understand why some people think one should not search in the same area SAR already searched.
  2. Awesome BigC, I hope therapy is going good! What were you guys sick with Drew, good to hear you're feeling better.
  3. Welcome to the community John! 

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    Awesome Dave, and no rush of course!
  5. Welcome to the community Bellatrixza, great to have you here!
  6. I see a new profile picture, sir! 🧐

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      Drew B

      Where is Bob? May be the name of a new Video if he doesn't show up soon 😁


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      Thanks Bob! Keep up the excellent work, one of my favorite channels!

  8. Welcome to the community Alex! I would be interested in seeing what types of abandoned places you have in Finland!
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    Hey Caden, Do you mean like a forum app? There is one in the works to make the forums more mobile friendly.
  10. It's the same with mine tunnels, the BLM has been actively closing mines, so most people who enjoy exploring mines will make up the names of the mines the explore and keep them secret.
  11. This is going to be interesting to watch, I hope they can get the permits as it could turn out to be a fun little party. I just hope the Little A'Le'Inn will be honest with anyone going and not pretend like they are not allowed to camp on BLM land for free. Of course, it would be better to pay and get full bathroom access, but I thought it wasn't too cool to mislead people heading out there. She should open her little cafe during the event and make some money off serving food and drinks herself!
  12. This is why many people keep the locations secret as the BLM has been known to go out and knock them down.
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