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  1. Thank you so much for the support Dj! Changing the direction of the channel was a scary decision even though we had it planned for some time. Luckily it went as planned and we can continue to do what we love.
  2. Awesome, do you have any samples of the music you have created?
  3. Great to hear you got out of a bad relationship Brandi, and I wish the best for you and the family in 2021.
  4. Thank you Ody, not sure how I missed so many posts!
  5. Congrats on getting out of a toxic relationship Ben! I was able to get out of a content I was growing bored of and into something I am really enjoying.
  6. Yeah, someone hacked his Twitter and they were trying to get our attention (according to them).
  7. Can you share any details you have on the case, and do you know if there are family or friends who would be interested in interviewing about the case?
  8. Am I sill a patreon here Bob? I havent gotten anything from EWU crew lately? My email is skerr7856@gmail.com if you can let me know. Im still lost in here 😀😀

    1. EWU Bob

      EWU Bob

      Hey Kuppy, I am not sure if you're still on Patreon, but we are going to be getting rid of our Patreon very soon (before the end of the month). Have you tried to log into Patreon to see if you still have access? 

  9. Hello @Raaben, unfortunately due to those who don't respect our copyrighted content, we are forced to keep a fairly large logo on screen. I would love to not have a logo on the screen at all, but copyright thieves would love that and we would spend almost all our time sending out takedown notices.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, but there is a very good reason we did not make a video on our reasons for changing the direction of the channel. We could not talk about this before because we needed to focus on the change and not set off a small vocal mob of "fans" who would leave negative comments, down votes, etc. The reason we did not make an announcement or video is that it would have caused a major backlash from a small vocal mob of angry "fans"( viewers), and we wanted to avoid any major backlash. We wanted a nice and peaceful transition where we could focus on the new content, and not h
  11. Thank you so much Gale! Yes, Momma EWU had a healthy baby boy. Happy Holidays and you stay safe too.
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